An actual tree
CMSC 420 - 0201
Data Structures
Fall 2020
Dave Mount


Class handouts and assignments will be posted here. Homework submissions will be done through Gradescope. For submission information on programming assignments, please visit the Project page.

Assignment Due Date Additional Information
Homework 1
Basic Data Structures and Trees
11:59pm, Thu, Sep 17 Solutions
Programming Assignment 1
Extended Binary Search Trees
Mon, Oct 12, 11:00pm Skeleton Code
(Updated 10/05)
Homework 2
Search Trees
(Updated: 10/21)
11:00pm, Mon, Oct 26 Solutions
Midterm Practice Exam date:12:00am Thu 10/29 - 11:59pm Fri 10/30 Solutions

Handout Handed Out Additional Information
Short Reference Guide Sun, Sep 20  

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