Readings - CMSC714: High Performance Computing


Note: for each class (after the intro material), 3 students will be responsible for emailing me ( with ~4 discussion question on the reading(s) for that day by 6PM the day before the class, and be prepared to ask those questions and help explain the paper to the rest of the class.

Introduction - What and Why? 

8/30 Parallel Computing and Parallel Computers

9/1 Applications of Parallel Computing

Programming Models
9/6 Expressing Parallelism (Explicit Control - Message Passing and MPI)

9/8 Advanced MPI

9/13 Expressing Parallelism (Implicit Control) - M. Arace, P. Arias Juarez, J. Davis

9/15 Expressing Parallelism (Implicit Control, cont.) - C. Evuru, N. Froehlinger, A. Jayaweera

9/20 Expressing Parallelism (Hybrids and Frameworks) - M. Johnson, J. Kitson, N. Koutsoheras

9/22 Profiling Programs - D. Muir, K. Oh, J. Schweitzer


9/27 Shared Memory - K. Marepally, Y. Wang, Y. Xu

9/29 Custom Machines - D. Yuan, M. Arace, P. Arias

10/4 GPUs - J. Davis, C. Evuru, N. Froehlinger

10/6 High Performance Networks - A. Jayaweera, M. Johnson, J. Kitson

10/11 Clouds - N. Koutsoheras, K. Marepally, D. Muir

10/13 Clouds, cont. - K. Oh, J. Schweitzer, Y. Wang


10/18 Event Ordering and Race Detection - Y. Xu, D. Yuan, M. Arace

10/20 Data Collection and Instrumentation - P. Arias, J. Davis, C. Evuru

10/25 Runtime Parallelization - N. Froehlinger, A. Jayaweera, M. Johnson

10/27 Autotuning - J. Kitson, N. Koutsoheras, K. Marepally

Systems Issues

11/1 Finding Idle Cycles - D. Muir, K. Oh, J. Schweitzer

11/3 Job Scheduling - Batch Queues - Y. Wang, Y. Xu, D. Yuan

11/8 Parallel I/O - M. Arace, P. Arias, J. Davis

11/10 Midterm Exam

11/15 No Class - SC22 - work on research projects!

11/17 Topology Aware Mapping - C. Evuru, N. Froehlinger, A. Jayaweera


11/22 Molecular Dynamics - M. Johnson, J. Kitson, N. Koutsoheras

11/24 Thanksgiving

11/29 Data Intensive Applications - K. Marepally, D. Muir, K. Oh

12/1 Machine Learning and HPC - J. Schweitzer, Y. Wang, Y. Xu, D. Yuan

12/6 Project Demos

12/8 Project Demos (cont.) and SC21 Gordon Bell award finalist

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