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Due Date Assignment
Assignment #1: Static displays for data presentation
Go to the web site of the National Center for Health Statistics (http://www.cdc.gov/nchs) and look around at their many data sets to find one that interests you. Download the data and use a standard presentation tool such as Excel to make three useful informative charts (bar charts, plots, scattergrams, etc.). Do your best to make the information stand out clearly by choosing appropriate labels, colors, etc. Add a small caption box on the chart (or above or below) to tell the story (Include your name). Convert to three Powerpoint slides and email to the designated harvester.
TBD Paper Presentations (20-30 minutes)
Students will sign up to present papers in pairs (main presenter and backup). The presentation will include a Powerpoint slide show that will be posted on the class web site. At least one slide should be on these topics:
  • Title, Authors, Source, and Presenters
  • State the problem
  • Review previous work
  • The contributions (Demonstration, if possible)
  • Questions to ask the authors
Application: Class Presentation & Report
Use an existing software tool, such as Spotfire, HCE, TimeSearcher, or Treemap to thoroughly explore a data set of your choice. Present 3-6 informative displays and write 500-1000 words explaining what you have found.
03-May (Draft)

10-May (Final)
Semester Project (Teams of 2-3 students)
Develop an information visualization solution for a substantial problem using one of the toolkits or develop your own program. This should be a major effort with innovative research, a review of previous work, and a clear statement of your contributions. The outcome should be a conference paper in ACM two-column format that is 8-10 pages long.

Other Assignments will be made during the semester.

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