University of Maryland, College Park
Spring 2006
Quality Repositories


Fox, E. et al (1993). Users, User Interfaces, and Objects: Envision, a Digital Library Journal of the American Society for Information Science 44(8). p. 480. Available through ABI/INFORM Global
This article presents 7 principles for designing digital libraries, including organizing large collections.

Green, A., Peterson, S., and Linden, J. (2005). Supporting Economic Development Research: A Collaborative Project to Create Access to Statistical Sources Not Born Digital Available at
Article describing the creation and evaluation of an online statistical repository. User study showed a preference for excel over pdf because it allowed for data manipulation without having to be keyed in (p. 19)

McCray, A.T. and Gallagher, M.E. (2001). Principles for digital library development Communications ACM 44(5), p. 48-54. Available through ACM Portal at:
Article presenting 10 principals to consider when designing a digital library.

Sulo, R., Eick, S. and Grossman, R. (2005). DaVis: A tool for Visualizing Data Quality. Available at:
Article describing a tool for identifying and resolving data quality issues.

United States Census Bureau (1998). IT Standard 16.0.0: Survey Design and Statistical Methodology Metadata Available at:
A comprehensive list of metadata for inclusion in statistical repositories.

United States Office of Management and Budget (2001). Data Quality Standards. Available at:
Guidelines for U.S. Agencies regarding data quality


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