CMSC 818S:
  Grid Computing

CMSC 818




Project descriptions (dates may change)

Project 1 - P2P basic peer algorithms - due 3/6

  • implement Chord or Pasty peer join and routing algorithms, as a standalone peer
  • use sockets for communication between peers, on a fixed port
  • peer joins by connecting to a known peer, taken from a command line argument, with a join message (first peer just starts up as the lone one, and knows it's the only one since no peer from command line)
  • routing request also a message on the same socket, but comes from a simple client that just sends routing requests, reading them from a user via stdin (client takes a peer and port number as command line arguments)

Project 2 - P2P and/or Grid project

  • Project proposal - due Wednesday, 3/28
  • Interim report - due Wednesday, 4/18
  • In-class presentation - Tuesday, 5/8
  • Final report - Friday, due 5/11
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