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  Peer-to-Peer and Grid Computing

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Note: for each class (after 2/1), you must send me email ( with one or more discussion questions on the readings for that day.

Introduction - What and Why? 

1/30 - A. Sussman

  • Computational Grids
    I. Foster and C. Kesselman. Chapter 2 of The Grid: Blueprint for a New Computing Infrastructure, Morgan Kaufmann, 1999. [PDF]

2/1 - P. Keleher

  • Chord: A Scalable Peer-to-peer Lookup Service for Internet Applications
    Ion Stoica, Robert Morris, David Karger, M. Frans Kaashoek, and Hari Balakrishnan. In Proceedings of the ACM SIGCOMM '01 Conference, August 2001. [PDF]

2/6 - A. Sussman

  • Grids in Context
    L. Smarr. Chapter 1 of The Grid 2: Blueprint for a New Computing Infrastructure, Elsevier/Morgan Kaufmann, 2004. [from instructor]
  • MPI - A message passing standard for MPP and workstations
    J. Dongarra, S. W. Otto, M. Snir, and D. Walker, CACM, 39(7), 1996, pp. 84-90. [PDF]


2/8 - A. Sussman

  • Pastry: Scalable, distributed object location and routing for large-scale peer-to-peer systems
    A. Rowstron and P. Druschel.In Proceedings of IFIP/ACM International Conference on Distributed Systems Platforms (Middleware), November 2001. [PDF]

  • Storage management and caching in PAST, a large-scale, persistent peer-to-peer storage utility
    A. Rowstron and P. Druschel. In Proceedings of ACM Symposium on Operating Systems Principles (SOSP'01),  October 2001. [PDF]

2/13 - Malina Kirn

  • The Anatomy of the Grid: Enabling Scalable Virtual Organizations
    I. Foster, C. Kesselman, S. Tuecke. International J. Supercomputer Applications, 15(3), 2001. [PDF]
  • The Open Grid Services Architecture
    I. Foster, C. Kesselman, and S. Tuecke.  Chapter 17 of The Grid 2 [from instructor]
    • and/or The Physiology of the Grid: An Open Grid Services Architecture for Distributed Systems Integration
      I. Foster, C. Kesselman, J. Nick, S. Tuecke, Open Grid Service Infrastructure Working Group, Global Grid Forum, June 22, 2002. [PDF]

2/15 - Gary Jackson

  • A Scalable Content-Addressable Network
    Sylvia Ratnasamy, Paul Francis, Mark Handley, Richard Karp and Scott Shenker. In Proceedings of ACM SIGCOMM 2001, August 2001. [PDF]
  •  pSearch: Information Retrieval in Structured Overlays
    Chunqiang Tang, Zhichen Xu and Mallik Mahalingam. In Proceedings of ACM Hotnets-I, 2002. [PDF]

2/20 - A. Sussman

  • Globus Toolkit Version 4: Software for Service-Oriented Systems
    I. Foster. IFIP International Conference on Network and Parallel Computing, Springer-Verlag LNCS 3779, 2006. [PDF]
  • Wide-Area Computing: Resource Sharing on a Large Scale
    A. Grimshaw, A. Ferrari, F. Knabe and M. Humphrey.  IEEE Computer 32(5), 1999. [PDF]

2/22 - Lidan Wang

  • Tapestry: A Resilient Global-Scale Overlay for Service Deployment
    Ben Y. Zhao, Ling Huang, Jeremy Stribling, Sean C. Rhea, Anthony D. Joseph, and John D. Kubiatowicz. IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications, Vol. 22, No. 1, January 2004. [PDF]
  • OceanStore: An Architecture for Global-Scale Persistent Storage
    John Kubiatowicz, David Bindel, Yan Chen, Steven Czerwinski, Patrick Eaton, Dennis Geels, Ramakrishna Gummadi, Sean Rhea, Hakim Weatherspoon, Westley Weimer, Chris Wells, and Ben Zhao. Proceedings of the Ninth international Conference on Architectural Support for Programming Languages and Operating Systems (ASPLOS 2000), Nov. 2000. [PDF]

Resource Discovery and Management

2/27 - Timur Chabuk

  • Condor - A Hunter of Idle Workstations
    Michael J. Litzkow, Miron Livny, and Matt W. Mutka. In Proc. 8th Intl. Conf. Distributed Computing Systems, June 1988. [PDF]
  • Condor and the Grid
    Douglas Thain, Todd Tannenbaum, and Miron Livny.  In Grid Computing: Making The Global Infrastructure a Reality, Fran Berman, Anthony J.G. Hey and Geoffrey Fox editors. John Wiley, 2003. [PDF]

3/1 - A. Sussman

  • A peer-to-peer approach to resource location in Grid environments
    A. Iamnitchi and  I. Foster.  In Grid Resource Management: State of the Art and Future Trends, J. Nabrzyski, J. M. Schopf, and J. Weglarz, Eds. Kluwer Academic Publishers, 2004. [PDF]
  • Condor-G: A Computation Management Agent for Multi-Institutional Grids
    J. Frey, T. Tannenbaum, I. Foster, M. Livny, S. Tuecke. In Proceedings of 10th International Symposium on High Performance Distributed Computing (HPDC-10), August 2001. [PDF]

Desktop Grids

3/6 - A. Sussman

  • SETI@home: an experiment in public-resource computing
    D. P. Anderson, J. Cobb, E. Korpela, M. Lebofsky, and D. Werthimer. Communications of the ACM, Vol. 45, No. 11, Nov. 2002. [PDF]
  • Designing a Runtime System for Volunteer Computing
    David P. Anderson, Carl Christensen and Bruce Allen. In Proceedings of SC'06, November 2006. [PDF]

3/8-13 - Malina Kirn
       First a discussion of the P2P system implementation project

  • Entropia: architecture and performance of an enterprise desktop grid system
    Andrew Chien, Brad Calder, Stephen Elbert and Karan Bhatia.  Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing, Volume 63, Issue 5, May 2003. [PDF]
  • Resource Management for Rapid Application Turnaround on Enterprise Desktop Grids
    Derrick Kondo, Andrew A. Chien and Henri Casanova.  Proceedings of SC'04, November 2004.  [PDF]

3/13 - A. Sussman

  • On Death, Taxes, and the Convergence of Peer-to-Peer and Grid Computing
    Ian Foster and Adriana Iamnitchi.  In Proceedings of the 2nd International Workshop on Peer-to-Peer Systems (IPTPS '03), February 2003. [PDF]

3/15 - Gary Jackson

  • Cluster Computing on the Fly: resource discovery in a cycle sharing peer-to-peer system
    Dayi Zhou and Virginia Lo.  In Proceedings of IEEE International Symposium on Cluster Computing and the Grid (CCGrid), April 2004. [PDF]
  • CompuP2P: An Architecture for Internet Computing Using Peer-to-Peer Networks
    Rohit Gupta and Varun Sekhri and Arun K. Somani.  IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems, Vol. 17, No. 11, November 2006. [PDF]

3/20, 3/22 - Spring break!

3/27 - Jik-Soo Kim

  • Creating a Robust Desktop Grid using Peer-to-Peer Services
    Jik-Soo Kim, Beomseok Nam, Michael Marsh, P.ete Keleher, Bobby Bhattacharjee, Derek Richardson, Dennis Wellnitz and Alan Sussman.  To appear in Proceedings of the 2007 NSF Next Generation Software Workshop, March 2007. [PDF]
  • Resource Discovery Techniques in Distributed Desktop Grid Environments
    Jik-Soo Kim, Beomseok Nam, Pete Keleher, Michael Marsh, Bobby Bhattacharjee and Alan Sussman.   In Proceedings of the 7th IEEE/ACM International Conference on Grid Computing - GRID 2006, September 2006. [PDF]

3/29 - no class

4/3 - Alan Sussman

  • Finish On Death, Taxes, ...
  • The Ninja architecture for robust Internet-scale systems and services
    Steven D. Gribble, Matt Welsh, Rob von Behren, Eric A. Brewer, David Culler, N. Borisov, S. Czerwinski, R. Gummadi, J. Hill, A. Joseph, R. H. Katz, Z. M. Mao, S. Ross and B. Zhao.  Computer Networks, Volume 35, Issue 4 , March 2001. [PDF]

Data Grids

4/5 - Lidan Wang

  • Data Access, Integration, and Management
    M. Atkinson, A.L. Chervenak, et al.  Chapter 22 of The Grid 2, Elsevier/Morgan Kaufmann, 2004. [from instructor]
  • The Data Grid: Towards an Architecture for the Distributed Management and Analysis of Large Scientific Datasets
    A. Chervenak, I. Foster, C. Kesselman, C. Salisbury, S. Tuecke. Journal of Network and Computer Applications, 23:187-200, 2001. [PDF]

4/10 - Timur Chabuk

  • Data Management in an International Data Grid Project
    W. Hoschek, J. Jaen-Martinez, A. Samar, H. Stockinger, and K. Stockinger. In Proceedings of the first IEEE/ACM International Workshop on Grid Computing, 2000. [PDF]
  • MySRB & SRB - Components of a Data Grid
    Arcot Rajasekar, Michael Wan and Reagan Moore.  In Proceedings of the 11th International Symposium on High Performance Distributed Computing (HPDC-11), July 2002. [PDF]

Distributed File Systems and File Sharing

4/12-17 - A. Sussman

  • The Google File System
    Sanjay Ghemawat, Howard Gobioff, and Shun-Tak Leung.  In Proceedings of 19th ACM Symposium on Operating Systems Principles, October 2003. [PDF]
  • FARSITE: Federated, Available, and Reliable Storage for an Incompletely Trusted Environment
    Atul Adya, William J. Bolosky, Miguel Castro, Gerald Cermak, Ronnie Chaiken, John R. Douceur, Jon Howell, Jacob R. Lorch, Marvin Theimer, and Roger P. Wattenhofer.  In Proceedings of 5th Symposium on Operating Systems Design and Implementation, December 2002.  [PDF]
  • Scale and Performance in a Distributed File System
    J.H Howard, M.L. Kazar, S.G. Menees, D.A. Nichols, M. Satyanarayanan, R.N Sidebotham., and M.J. West.  ACM Transactions on Computer Systems, Vol. 6, No. 1, 1988. [PDF]

4/19 - Lidan Wang

  • Ivy: A Read/Write Peer-to-peer File System
    Athicha Muthitacharoen, Robert Morris, Thomer Gil, and Benjie Chen. In Proceedings of the 5th USENIX Symposium on Operating Systems Design and Implementation (OSDI '02), December 2002. [PDF]
  • Adaptive Peer Selection
    Daniel Bernstein, Zhengzhu Feng, Brian Levine, Shlomo Zilberstein.  In Proceedings of the 2nd International Workshop on Peer-to-Peer Systems (IPTPS '03), February 2003. [PDF]

Theory and Applications

4/24 - Timur Chabuk

  • Network Applications of Bloom Filters: A Survey
    Andrei Broder and Michael Mitzenmacher. Internet Mathematics, Vol. 1, No. 4, 2003. [PDF]
  • Summary Cache: A Scalable Wide-Area Web Cache Sharing Protocol
    Li Fan, Pei Cao, Jussara Almeida and Andrei Broder.  IEEE Transactions on Networking, Vol. 8, No. 3, June 2000. [PDF]

4/26 - Gary Jackson

  • A Digital Fountain Approach to Reliable Distribution of Bulk Data
    John W. Byers, Michael Luby, Michael Mitzenmacher, and Ashutosh Rege. In Proceedings of ACM SIGCOMM, 1998. [PDF]
  • Erasure Coding vs. Replication: A Quantitative Comparison
    Hakim Weatherspoon and John D. Kubiatowicz.  In Proceedings of First International Workshop on Peer-to-Peer Systems (IPTPS), 2002. [PDF]

5/1 - Malina Kirn

  • A grid use case of CMS physics analysis
    Haifeng Pi and Frank Wuerthwein.  CMS Internal note, Feb. 2007. [from instructor]
  • The Virtual Microscope
    U. Catalyurek, M. Beynon, C. Chang, T. Kurc, A. Sussman and J. Saltz. IEEE Transactions on Information Technology in Biomedicine, Vol. 7, No. 4, December 2003. [PDF]

5/3 - A. Sussman

  • Distributed Telepresence: The NEESgrid Earthquake Engineering Collaboratory
    Carl Kesselman, Ian Foster, and Tom Prudhomme.  Chapter 6 of The Grid 2. [from instructor]
  • Scientific Data Federation: The World Wide Telescope
    Alexander S. Szalay and Jim Gray.  Chapter 7 of The Grid 2. [from instructor]

5/8 - Project presentations/demos

Spatial Indexing

5/10 - B. Nam

  • Spatial Indexing of Distributed Multidimensional Datasets
    Beomseok Nam and Alan Sussman. In Proceedings of CCGrid2005: IEEE/ACM International Symposium on Cluster Computing and the Grid, May 2005. [PDF]
  • DiST: Fully Decentralized Indexing for Querying Distributed Multidimensional Datasets
    Beomseok Nam and Alan Sussman. In Proceedings of 20th International Parallel and Distributed Processing Symposium, April 2006. [PDF]


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