CMSC 131 -- Object Oriented Programming I

Sections 010x/020x -- Spring 2013

Fear the Turtle!



To submit a project, go to the "Java" perspective, be sure that the project is open. Then right click on the project folder (e.g., p1) and select "Submit Project" from the pull-down menu. You may submit many times (we grade only the last submission). You can check the status of your submissions by visiting the Submit Server Home Page and entering your University Directory ID and password.

Important: Your grade for each project will be based on the greater value of two scores: (1) The score on the very last submission prior to the deadline; (2) The score minus 20% on the very last submission prior to the late deadline (24 hours late).

Due Date Project—Description and Location
3 February 11:00PM Introduction to Eclipse and the CVS Repository: work with your TAs to learn how to use the Eclipse IDE, CVS, and the Submit Server!
7 February 11:00PM Exercising the Submit Server. This is an individual project (but you are still allowed to ask TAs for help) in which you fully interact with the Submit Server.
19 February 8:00PM Put your knowledge of the Scanner class, data-types, conditionals and iteration to use and create a realistic program.
2 March 8:00PM Use your knowledge of for and while loops to draw polygons and alphabetic characters in a Grid.
15 March 11:00PM Manipulate digital photographs! (Navigate to the link to your left, and follow the Project links to Project 3.
2 April 8:00PM Solving quadratic equations! Project 4 Description
12 April 8:00PM Play Poker (and win!) Project 5 description
25 April 8:00PM Create and maintain a Pet Store (with a GUI) Project 6 Description
9 May 2013 8:00PM Create a simulation of a Pond, complete with plants and fish: Fish vs Plants


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