CMSC 330, Spring 2013

Organization of Programming Languages

Lecture Material


Sample code reviews



  1. (questions) (answers) Ruby (Feb 8)
  2. (questions) (answers) REs, finite automata, context free grammars (Mar 1)
  3. (questions) (answers) OCaml (Mar 15)
  4. (questions) (answers) Higher Order OCaml, Operational Semantics, Parameter passing (Apr 5)
  5. (questions) (answers) Prolog (Apr 26)

Practice problems

  1. (questions) (answers) Programming languages, Ruby language features
  2. (questions) (answers) REs and finite automata
  3. (questions) (answers) CFGs -- we did not cover parsing or pushdown automata; ignore questions 5, 6, and 7. Also, you don't need to know about leftmost vs. rightmost derivations.
  4. (review) Operational Semantics, Parameter passing
  5. (practice) OCaml and Operational Semantics
  6. (practice) Prolog, Lambda Calculus

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