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4.4.1 Full Proposal

4.4 RP3

Due: Midnight, April 1

Purpose: The goal of this research task is to flush out the details of your research proposal and to design a strategy for carrying out your research.

4.4.1 Full Proposal

Revise your proposal based on any feedback you received.

Flush out the details of your proposal including citations and discussion of any relevant related work. There is no longer a page limit, so include as much detail as you see fit.

Design a strategy for carrying out the research. This should include a list of milestone and a schedule. Discuss your plan for doing the work. Describe how you will validate the proposed research. This can include examples, prototypes, benchmarks, proofs, etc.

If you have a preference for presenting your results early, please indicate this.

You have until Tuesday at midnight to submit, but submitting earlier is better. I will provide feedback as soon as it is submitted.

Submit your proposal as a PDF to your team’s assigned github repository.


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