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4.6.1 Research Summary

4.6 RP5

Due: May 21

Purpose: The goal of this research task is to write a summary of your research efforts.

4.6.1 Research Summary

Report on your experience in a six-page research memo. The memo should consist of five parts: (1) a revised summary of your research based on the proposal; (2) a description of the research problem you set out to tackle; (3) a description of your solution including any artifacts produced from your work; (4) an evaluation of your research providing evidence for how it succeeds or fails in solving your research problem; (5) a summary of future challenges. Include a bibliography of any relevant related work.

Do not write an essay on what you did in the past two weeks but imagine yourself writing a final report for a scientific grant that you obtained from a funding agency.

Submit a PDF of the memo to your project github repository.


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