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4.5.1 Presentation Abstract
4.5.2 Research Presentation

4.5 RP4

Due: May 1 - May 13

Purpose: The goal of this research task is to develop and deliver an effective research talk.

4.5.1 Presentation Abstract

At least 48 hours before your presentation, you must commit a title and abstract for your talk. The abstract should be no more than a couple paragraphs. Check it in to your project repository. It will be posted to the course blog along with your project proposal.

4.5.2 Research Presentation

Prepare a joint 20-minute lecture (+5 minutes to allow for questions) that describes (1) your research problem, including the motivation, and background, (2) the approach you used to solve the problem, and (3) the insight you gained.

Divide the talk between partners but each partner should be prepared to answer questions about the entire talk. (If you worked alone, you will present the entire 20 minutes.)

You may use the whiteboard and overhead projector.

You will be evaluated based on content and oral communication skills of technical matters. You must effectively motivate the problem and convey your approach and insights. You will not be evaluated on how successful your approach proved – it is OK for your research to have failed, so long as it failed in a interesting way that you can bring across in the presentation.

You may report on work-in-progress, but you must have completed enough work to present some results.

These presentations will be interactive, so expect to be interrupted with questions.

Some advice: seek feedback on your talk before giving it “for real.” Give a practice talk to your lab mates. Tell the story of your research to as many people as will listen. The more you tell it, the better you will be at telling it. If you’d like to go over your presentation in office hours, that’s perfectly acceptable, too.


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