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CMSC 754
Spring 2020
Dave Mount

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Class handouts and assignments will be posted here. Solutions are not provided. If you are a student from the class or an instructor teaching algorithms or computational geometry at another institution, you may request a copy of the solutions. I do not provide solutions directly to students.

All the handouts in one file: cmsc754-2020-01-handouts.pdf

Assignment Due Date
Homework 1: Convexity and Hulls Tue, Feb 18
Homework 2: Plane Sweep and Linear Programming Tue, Mar 10
Homework 3: Voronoi Diagrams, Delaunay Triangulations, and More Thu, Apr 30
Homework 4: Arrangements and Approximations Tue, May 12

Handout Handed Out
General reference guide Tue, Feb 11
Practice Problems for the Midterm Exam date: Thu, Mar 12
Midterm Exam Exam date: Thu, Mar 12
Practice Problems for the Final Exam Exam due date: 8:00am EDT, Mon, May 18
Final Exam Exam due date: 8:00am EDT, Mon, May 18