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Final Exam on Friday
Exam from 11 AM--1 PM

  • (7.25.03) Final grades have been submitted. It should show up on Testudo by Monday. Basically, if you didnt get email then your original exam grade stands. If you did get email, then your grade may have improved, or it may have gone down (if you didnt do 3 of 4 projects).

    The extra credit HW were basically not that great. Many questions weren't simplistic, and seemed copied from the book or some other books. Some people averaged 3-4 questions, and few were really interesting. Some wrote a lot of questions, but again, not SO interesting. Because of lack of good questions, the HW were weighted rather small.

    In hindsight, extra credit HW wasn't as good an idea as I had hoped. Maybe, you felt differently.

    I should email out raw projects grades over the weekend, if you're curious about the grades. Recall that projects can only help you one letter grade up, maximum, and for many, it didn't change grades at all.

  • (7.23.03) P2 graded. All that's left is the extra credit HW, which will be computed with the project grade. Overall, most people did well on this. The main problem was often jumping into the description of what to buy, without giving an overview of what to think about, whether the system is unusual or not, why the system is a "gaming" system or isn't.

  • (7.22.03) P4 graded. People really had a hard time following directions on this one. Especially using "static" variables, which folks conveniently deleted. More than half the code I saw had to be edited just to compile. P2 is next.

  • (7.20.03) Two projects graded. Two to go. (The "easy" two are left). Some "common" mistakes: naming executable p1 instead of hexdump. Not knowing what -W option is supposed to do.

  • (7.16.03) Drool Kitty has been enlisted to help grade.

  • (7.14.03) Looks like final exam grades will be out around noonish. May have some tentative final grades by then too.

  • (7.13.03) Still grading away. Hope to have some scores sent by late late evening (like wee hours of the morning). Then, it's off to do project grading for a few days.

  • (7.12.03) Due to the number of folks coding up P4, I'm going to decrease the penalty to 10%, and extend the project 2 hours. It's now due at 2 AM Sunday morning instead of 11:59 PM Saturday.

  • (7.12.03) In P4, the instruction jr had the same function code as sllv. jr should have function code 001 000 (not 000 100).

    Also, it should be sll $rd, $rt, shift_amt. Both have been corrected in the project.

    Also, I have corrected the syntax for all shift instructions. Thus, srav, srlv and sllv should take the same 3 registers in the same order, and sra, srl and sll should take the same two registers and shift amount in the same order.

    I just added sra and srav. You do NOT have to implement if you dont want. If you do, please note it in README. Put it as "EXTRA EXTRA CREDIT" or something since it was added so late.

  • (7.11.03) Submit for P4 should be ready. In the README, let me know which functions you've coded up. Clearly, you don't have to have it fully coded to get some credit. If you've worked in a group, please let me know.

    Goal is to have final grading done by Sunday, and project grading done about midweek. I can give you grade estimates on exams Sunday, but please wait until I post or email before asking about grades. Thank you!

  • (7.10.03) Mohamed says he will try to be in at 10 AM tomorrow morning for office hours. Please limit your questions to exam questions rather than programming questions.

  • (7.10.03) Polling notes should work. Also latest CPU diagram (it has an error, the output of the ALU to the PC should not go through ALUreg.

  • (7.8.03) Spring 2003 final posted (no solutions). Click on Exam and Review Info on left.

  • (7.7.03) Solutions to Exam 2 posted. Click on Exam and Review Info on left. Exam 2 grades not yet completed. Hopefully back on Tuesday.

  • (7.6.03) Notes on cache, virtual memory, I/O, floating point addition/multiplication have been added. Links to pointer arithmetic notes have been fixed. Should read this stuff.

  • (7.4.03) Project 4 header files in P4 directory. They're basically what was posted in the project description.

    P3 due next Tuesday (July 8). P4 due next Saturday (July 12).

  • (6.28.03) OK, I've posted two case studies on 5-1, 8-1 MUX, plus written notes on "Thought on Learning by Example" and "Summary of Output Equations for Common Combinational Logic Circuits"

    I've also split up the notes on "Implementing Mealy and Moore machines" so that there is now a separate "Excitation Tables for D and T flip flops". The content is basically the same, just been split into two set of notes, instead of one. See Class Notes.

  • (6.27.03) Exam 2, Quiz 1 solutions posted. Click on "Exam and Review Info" on the left.

    Project 2 postponed until Tuesday evening

    I hope to post a "Case Study" on 8-1 MUX implemented out of 2-1 MUX, this weekend. A student asked about it, and it seemed interesting. I may also go ahead add a "Case Study" on 5-1 MUX done in class, too.

  • (6.27.03) A corrected CPU Handout.

    The two topics that were on Exam 2 (Spring 2003), that WON'T be on Exam 2 on Monday are:

    • CPU diagram (C2)
    • Linking object files (C4)

  • (6.26.03) Also, a Postscript handout on implementing finite state machines.

  • (6.26.03) Some notes on implementing Mealy and Moore machines. Read soon!

  • (6.25.03) Posted a version of the syllabus up. Finally! Skill Set link now works.

  • (6.24.03) I've put up some notes on addressing modes (Summary of Addressing Modes in MIPS). This information is found in other notes, but I've summarized it in one set of notes.

    Also, we might do the 6-step detailed fetch, shown in the handout given in class on the quiz tomorrow.

    Also, I've fixed up some of the code in the findMin. See Errata.

    Also, I've put notes on recursive functions (case study). However, the book also has some discussion on recursive functions.

  • (6.18.03) Corrected solutions to Exam 1 posted. P4 posted. Do 3 of 4 projects to avoid penalties. Do 4 of 4 projects to get bonus points.

  • (6.17.03) Solutions to Exam 1 posted. Read it over soon!

  • (6.14.03) Solutions to Quiz 5 posted on left. Click on "Practice Problems" under "PRACTICE".

  • (6.12.03) Mohamed was available, and should also be around before class on Monday. I'll hold office hours from 1-2:30 Sunday afternoon in the TA room.

    Quiz 1 solutions posted on left. Click on Exam and Review Info, and look at bottom.

  • (6.11.03) Trying to get TA to hold office hours before class on Thursday. We need to talk about assembly language tomorrow, so I'm afraid I won't be able to use class time to talk about the quiz. Will post if he's available then.

  • (6.10.03) I have solutions to Spring 2003 Exam 1 (See Exam to left) as well as review questions for Exam 1. Material for Exam 2 is also available (though the content may change a little for Exam 2)

  • (6.10.03) From IMDB trivia on Matrix Reloaded.

    The tractor-trailer used in the freeway chase scene has "Big Endian Eggs" writtein on its side. This is a reference to Swift's Gulliver's Travels. "The Lilliputians, being very small, had correspondingly small political problems. The Big-Endian and Little-Endian parties debated over whether soft-boiled eggs should be opened at the big end or the little end". ("Big-endian" has also been adopted as computer terminology).

  • (6.10.03) You should be able to submit P1. P2 posted. Click on "Folks in 311".

  • (6.05.03) P1 FAQ updated, please read regularly. Consider it an amendment to the project.

  • (6.03.03) P1 posted. Click on Project 1 on left.

  • Greetings to CMSC 311 Webpage! Content coming!

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