New Alumni Hall of Fame Inductees for 2016

The Department of Computer Science is pleased to announce that Michael Antonov, Brendan Iribe, and Andrew Reisse are the newest inductees to the Alumni Hall of Fame. Each year, the  department celebrates the contributions that alumni have made to the field of computing and the impact that these contributions have had on society:

Michael Antonov (B.S., Computer Science, 2003 ) currently serves as Chief Software Architect at Oculus VR (he is also a co-founder of the company) where he leads the development of virtual reality software including game integrations, sensor-based tracking and system software.  Antonov is recognized for his expertise in complex software architectures,  computing graphics and his interested in programming language design.  He is responsible for technical contributions that made Scaleform (a company that he, Brendan Iribe, and Andrew Reisse worked on) a well respected company in the video game market.

Brendan Iribe (attended, 1997-8) currently serves as the CEO of Oculus Rift (he is also a co-founder of the company).  Iribe's ambition, perseverance and forward-thinking vision has brought virtual reality to diverse consumers, and will transform the human experience.  Iribe’s leadership in other companies, including Scaleform (a company that he, Michael Antonov and Andrew Reisse worked on),  is impressive and he has been very successful serial entrepreneur who understands the video game industry.

Andrew Reisse (B.S., Computer Science, 2001) was a software developer and co-founder of Oculus VR who passed away in 2013.  Andrew  was  a talented computer graphics engineer and gifted developer and his code is embedded in thousands of games played by millions of people around the world.  His work was integral in the early years at Oculus VR, where he helped introduce tens of thousands of people to virtual reality through early prototypes of Oculus hardware.

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