Summer 2014 Dates: June 2 - August 8


Application Deadline: Applications closed


Combinatorial Algorithms Applied Research (CAAR) is a 10 week NSF funded* research program designed to bridge the disconnect between the core algorithms community and research communities in other disciplines within Computer Science. It is an REU (Research Experiences for Undergraduates) program that aims to expose undergraduate students to applied research projects that need the design of new algorithms. In order to help create a climate where students learn new techniques, understand a few real world problems, and work on designing and implementing algorithms, the students will be involved in applied algorithms research projects that will be jointly advised by members of the UMD theory group in conjunction with faculty in different research areas.

Check this presentation for more information!

Who can apply? All undergraduate students who have a basic understanding of Algorithms, Discrete Mathematics, and Computer Programming are encouraged to apply.

When to apply? We follow the rolling admissions system - we keep taking applicants until the program is full. So apply early! Applications require your Fall 2013 transcript. It is advisable to send in your applications latest by January 20, 2014.

What will you get?