Combinatorics and Algorithms for Real Problems

FAQ (Frequencly Asked Questions - and their answers!)

  • Q: I am a non-citizen. Am I eligible to apply?

  • A: The NSF which funds most of our students cannot be used for non-citizens. However, we may have other money around that can be so used. In addition some schools (yours perhaps?) have grants for this purpose where they would pay the stipend. We can often come up with money for the housing. In your statement of purpose explain your situtation as well as telling us about the projects you want to work on, etc.

  • Q: You day you require a course in X (say Algorithms). I have not had such a course but I have done Y (say been in programming contests). Can I apply?

  • A: Yes. In your statement of purpose you can tell us your situation. We may decide that you are qualified, or we may decide you are not, but its certainly fine to apply.

  • Q: Is it okay if I apply and get in to turn you down?

  • A: Yes! If we accept you we will give you a date you must decide by (which can be extended). It is fine to say NO, its if ine to say YES, its bad to not respond at all. Also, if you decide you are not coming before we decide on your fate please let us know that as well.

  • Q: Another program has accepted you and I still do not know about your program. What do I do?

  • A: Email me ( and I may give you an early decision. Note that it might be no.

  • Q: Is the program hard to get into?

  • A: Yes. In 2019 we got around 220 applicants for 19 positions. Hence we advice you to apply to other REU's as well. Do not ask me how many others to apply for; however, I would advise you to only apply to programs that you sincerely want to go to.