Nick Roussopoulos - Research: db or not db?





Research Interests

Data Warehousing and OLAP applications, Spatio-temporal Indexing of aggregate data, Geographic Information Systems, Satellite Wireless and Terrestrial Network Data Dissemination, Integrated Network Management, Client-Server Database Architectures, High Performance Database Systems, Distributed Database Systems, and Parallel database systems with Scalable I/O.

Research Projects
BigData as a Service: Accessibility in Unstructured Data Environments
The Dwarf Project
The Opsis Family of Projects
The Cubetree Data Warehouse : A scalable indexing storage organization for OLAP Datacube queries in a data warehouse.
ADMS : An Adaptive DBMS featuring viewcache, adaptive cost estimation, and enhanced client/server model
Data AirWaves : Adaptive Data Dissemination Balancing Direct Broadcast Satellite Systems and Terrestrial Wireless Networks
Semantic Database Design Methodology : A Database Design Methodology for large and medium applications.