The Historical Lectures at Latsis Symposium 2002

The symposium included a session of historical talks, documented here.

  • John Todd
    "How Professor Eduard Stiefel Got to NBS-INA-UCLA in August 1951"
  • Introduction (Dianne O'Leary)
  • Notes on the lecture
    (html format) or (postscript format) or (pdf format)

  • Friedrich L. Bauer
    "My Years with Rutishauser"
  • Text of the Lecture (pdf)

  • Urs Hochstrasser
    "The Birth of the Conjugate Gradient Method"
  • Introduction (Martin Gutknecht)
  • Slides and lecture notes. These seem to be able to be viewed only with Microsoft Explorer.

  • My talk at the meeting:
  • Dianne P. O'Leary
    Towards Understanding the Convergence of the Krylov Subspace Methods, postscript or pdf