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Event Driven Software Lab

4115 Dept. of Computer Science, University of Maryland, College Park, MD, USA.


Given the current focus of the EDSL on software testing, we have made efforts in the last few years among undergraduate/graduate students to improve software testing/quality education and awareness. Efforts include:

(1) revision of the introductory undergraduate programming sequence; students are now taught basic concepts of test case generation, test oracles, test coverage, unit testing, test suites, combining development and testing, and testing tools such as JUnit,

(2) revision of the undergraduate software engineering course; students now use testing tools to create thousands of test cases, instrument the software’s code and compute statement and branch coverage, report all bugs using Bugzilla, and document their code using JavaDoc, and

(3) development of two new graduate courses on fundamental and advanced topics in software testing; students now learn about, and participate in, active research in software testing.

See these class pages for detailed course contents, slides, project descriptions, quizzes, etc..