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4115 Dept. of Computer Science, University of Maryland, College Park, MD, USA.

Event Driven Software Lab -- Latest 25 Publications

Event Driven Software Lab -- Latest 25 Publications

Towards Incremental Component Compatibility Testing
GUI Interaction Testing: Incorporating Event Context
Developing a Single Model and Test Prioritization Strategies for Event-Driven Software
Accounting for Defect Characteristics in Evaluations of Testing Techniques
Using Methods & Measures from Network Analysis for GUI Testing
Repairing GUI Test Suites Using a Genetic Algorithm
Iterative execution-feedback model-directed GUI testing
Generating Event Sequence-Based Test Cases Using GUI Run-Time State Feedback
Community-Based, Collaborative Testing and Analysis
Advances in automated model-based system testing of software applications with a GUI front-end
Using Reverse Engineering for Automated Usability Evaluation of GUI-Based Applications
Towards Dynamic Adaptive Automated Test Generation for Graphical User Interfaces
Testing Graphical User Interfaces
Prioritizing Component Compatibility Tests via User Preferences
Introducing a Test Suite Similarity Metric for Event Sequence-Based Test Cases
Enhancing Testing Technologies for Globalization of Software Engineering & Productivity
An Initial Characterization of Industrial Graphical User Interface Systems
An Extensible Heuristic-Based Framework for GUI Test Case Maintenance
An Event-Flow Model to Test EDS
Advances in Web Testing
Using a Pilot Study to Derive a GUI Model for Automated Testing
Test Case Generator for GUITAR
Relationships Between Test Suites, Faults, and Fault Detection in GUI Testing
Effective and Scalable Software Compatibility Testing
Call-Stack Coverage for GUI Test-Suite Reduction

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