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University of Maryland
Computer Science

Starting January, I will be an
assistant professor at UMD!

Curriculum Vitae

Dave Levin

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I work at the intersection of networking, security, systems, and economics. I am passionate about understanding when and why security breaks down, and in building an Internet where users are safe and motivated to help one another achieve better performance and reliability. I am currently working on making the PKI more secure. On this, and other projects, I have been fortunate to work with many wonderful collaborators.

I am recruiting motivated PhD students; Drop me a line if you're interested


September 22, 2016 The next Build-it, Break-it, Fix-it secure programming competition starts tonight. Sign up and stay tuned for results.
August 12, 2016 I'll be on the panel for Security Competitions and their role in education at USENIX Security
July 30, 2016 The SOSR 2017 website is now live. As General Chair, I encourage you to submit!


(pdf) (www) Measurement and Analysis of Private Key Sharing in the HTTPS Ecosystem
Frank Cangialosi, Taejoong Chung, David Choffnes, Dave Levin, Bruce M. Maggs, Alan Mislove, Christo Wilson
ACM CCS 2016 (Conference on Computer and Communications Security)
(pdf) Picocenter: Supporting long-lived, mostly-idle applications in cloud environments
Liang Zhang, James Litton, Frank Cangialosi, Theophilus Benson, Dave Levin, Alan Mislove
EuroSys 2016 (European Conference on Computer Systems)
(pdf) (slides) (www) Alibi Routing
Dave Levin, Youndo Lee, Luke Valenta, Zhihao Li, Victoria Lai, Cristian Lumezanu, Neil Spring, Bobby Bhattacharjee
(pdf) (www) Ting: Measuring and Exploiting Latencies Between All Tor Nodes
Frank Cangialosi, Dave Levin, Neil Spring
ACM IMC 2015 (Internet Measurement Conference) Long paper
TrInc: Small Trusted Hardware for Large Distributed Systems
Dave Levin, John R. Douceur, Jacob R. Lorch, Thomas Moscibroda
NSDI 2009 (USENIX Symposium on Networked Systems Design and Implementation)
Awarded best paper


CMSC 414 Computer and Network Security (Spring 2016)
CMSC 396H Undergraduate Honors Seminar (Spring 2016)
CMSC 414 Computer and Network Security (Spring 2015)
CMSC 414 Computer and Network Security (Spring 2014)
CMSC 330 Organization of Programming Languages (Spring 2013)
Co-taught with Mike Hicks
CMSC 818F Securing and Monetizing the Internet (Spring 2013)
Co-taught with Elaine Shi