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4131 A.V. Williams
University of Maryland
Computer Science

Curriculum Vitae
Dave Levin

About Me

I work at the intersection of networking, distributed systems, security, and economics. I am currently working on moving towards a more secure PKI. My vision is of an Internet where users feel motivated and safe to help one another achieve better performance and reliability. I have been fortunate to work with many wonderful collaborators.

If you are a current or prospective student and interested in working together, feel free to drop me a line. You should also consider attending Syschat.


June Our paper on our Build-it/Break-it secure programming competition was accepted to CSET 2015. Stay tuned for the next competition!
April Our paper on "Alibi Routing" was accepted to SIGCOMM 2015. It introduces a new routing primitive that lets users selectively and provably avoid parts of the world when routing their packets.
Our paper on "Slick" was accepted to SOSR 2015, which describes a wholly new approach to NFV, making it easy to create new middleboxes and automatically place them wherever in the network they should be.


CMSC 414 Computer and Network Security (Spring 2015, Spring 2014)
CMSC 330 Organization of Programming Languages (Spring 2013)
Co-taught with Mike Hicks
CMSC 818F Securing and Monetizing the Internet (Spring 2013)
Co-taught with Elaine Shi

PCs and chairing

General chair HotNets 2013
PC member NetEcon 2015, NetEcon 2014, SIGCOMM 2013, NSDI 2013, NetEcon 2013, SIGCOMM 2012, ICNP 2012, NetEcon 2011, DIALM-POMC 2010

Selected publications (full list)

To appear Alibi Routing
Dave Levin, Youndo Lee, Luke Valenta, Zhihao Li, Victoria Lai, Cristian Lumezanu, Neil Spring, Bobby Bhattacharjee
SIGCOMM 2015 (ACM Conference on Applications, Technologies, Architectures, and Protocols for Computer Communications)
(pdf) RevCast: Fast, Private Certificate Revocation over FM Radio
Aaron Schulman, Dave Levin, Neil Spring
CCS 2014 (Conference on Computer and Communications Security)
(pdf) Analysis of SSL Certificate Reissues and Revocations in the Wake of Heartbleed
Liang Zhang, Dave Choffnes, Tudor Dumitras, Dave Levin, Alan Mislove, Aaron Schulman, Christo Wilson
IMC 2014 (Internet Measurement Conference) Long paper
(pdf) D-mystifying the D-root Address Change
Matthew Lentz, Dave Levin, Jason Castonguay, Neil Spring, Bobby Bhattacharjee
IMC 2013 (Internet Measurement Conference) Short paper
(pdf) Making Currency Cheap with iOwe
Dave Levin, Aaron Schulman, Katrina LaCurts, Neil Spring, Bobby Bhattacharjee
NetEcon 2011 (Workshop on The Economics of Networks, Systems, and Computation)

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