David Van Horn

Associate Professor
Department of Computer Science
University of Maryland


Structures don’t march in the streets.

Realm of Racket

Photo by BK Adams.

I work toward making the construction of reusable, trusted software components possible and effective. My research has spanned program analysis; semantics; verification and model-checking; security; logic; complexity; and algorithms.

Together with Mike Hicks and Leo Lampropoulos, I direct the laboratory for Programming Languages at the University of Maryland (PLUM). Previously, I’ve worked with the Programming Research Laboratory (PRL) at Northeastern University.

I currently serve as the faculty advisor to Technica, the largest hackathon for underrepresented genders in the world, and as an Advisory Board member for the SIGPLAN Long-Term Mentoring Committee (SIGPLAN-M), an international long-term mentoring program for programming languages researchers.

I co-authored the book Realm of Racket with Matthias Felleisen and undergraduates from Northeastern University, which introduces programming interactive video games.