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Classes Taught at the University of Maryland
Course Development at the University of Maryland
CMSC818G - Large Multimedia Information Systems (1997)

Created a new course to provide first and second year graduate students with an introduction to large-scale multimedia information systems. This course explores current research directions and design issues in advanced system architectures for storage servers. Specifically it concentrate on multimedia information systems, and explores similar issues in parallel database systems and scientific computing systems.

The objective of this course is to bring students up to date on research directions in large multimedia information systems and to provide the requisite background for original research in this area. Specific topics covered in the course include (but are not limited to): current (a) storage device technology and technology trends, (b) interconnect technologies and technology trends, (c) compression technologies and technology trends, and their impact on application areas such as multimedia storage systems; multimedia storage servers; database systems for multicomputer architectures; I/O intensive scientific computing applications.

Students are required to read the equivalent of approximately 20 conference/journal research papers. Grades are based on a final examination, class participation, and a term report which includes a class presentation and a term paper. Most reports are expected to be critical summaries and reviews of a small collection of papers in an area relevant to the course. However, reports describing original research are also possible. This course can be used by Ph.D. and M.S. students as part of their comprehensive exams curriculum in the systems area.

CMSC417 - Computer Networks (1999,2000)

Introduced a set of new projects (with Prof. Bhattacharjee) to emphasize current directions in communication networks.

Expended course coverage to include detailed coverage of an introduction to probabilities.

(Activities at Columbia University are omitted.)

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