Ramakrishna Padmanabhan


go terps! Computer Science PhD candidate at the University of Maryland,
advised by Neil Spring and Dave Levin

Curriculum Vitae

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About Me

I am a PhD candidate interested in measuring networks: their topology, connectivity and performance. Growing up in places with poor Internet connectivity, I have a strong interest in measuring connectivity problems, such as loss and high latency, especially in the context of residential networks where their effect on end-users can be high.

My dissertation focusses upon measuring residential Internet connectivity using active probes: how to detect outages using active probes and how to account for errors introduced by the use of active probes. I am also studying the topology of the Internet and eventually plan to correlate outages with topological changes when possible.


Advancing the Art of Internet Edge Outage Detection
IMC 2018
Reasons Dynamic Addresses Change
IMC 2016
Timeouts: Beware Surprisingly High Delay
IMC 2015
UAv6: Alias Resolution in IPv6 Using Unused Addresses
PAM 2015

Research Projects

Alias Resolution in IPv6

ThunderPing: Observing How Weather Affects the Internet


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