"What are you?"

"No. That is my question. You answer it. Now."

"I am Dara. Dara of Amber, Queen Dara. I hold this throne by right of blood and conquest. Who are you?"

"Corwin. Also of Amber. Don't move! I did not ask who you are-"

"Corwin is dead these many centuries. I have seen his tomb."


"Not so. His body lies within."

Dara and Corwin, Sign of the Unicorn

The visions Corwin saw in Tir-na Nog'th have come to pass. Dara rules in Amber as Queen, with Benedict as Lord Protector, while Corwin lies in his ancient tomb. The science of Benedict's mechanical arm now dominates the land. To those who remember the past, this world seems but a clockwork dreaming.

A Clockwork Dreaming is an alternate Amber PbP game. The game is currently being played on the RPG Crossroads board. Come on by and check out what is happening.

The game uses a few variant rules, so be sure to check out the rules section for changes. The game is based upon Corwin's Chronicles, the first five books, although significant changes have been made in canon, so checking out the history section might also be a good idea. The start of the game is set one hundred years after the Patternfall War.

The players are the children of Dara and the other members of the royal family of Amber. Will they choose to be loyal to the Crown, or join with the forces seeking to take back the throne of Order from the Queen from Chaos. It is a battle of change versus stasis - the old versus the new. What will the youngest of the Lords of Order choose?

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