Aravind Srinivasan

Hi, welcome to my home-page. I am a Professor, Computer Science, UMIACS, and AMSC, at the University of Maryland, College Park.

My main research-interests are:

Here are my short bio and a link to my CV.

Editorial Boards: I serve as Editor-in-Chief of the ACM Transactions on Algorithms (TALG -- here is TALG's Wikipedia page), as a Managing Editor for Theory of Computing (ToC), and as an Associate Editor for Networks. We welcome your strong papers in these areas.

For prospective students: Please read this if you wish to email me about admissions or about working with me.

Education: B.Tech. (Computer Science), Indian Institute of Technology Madras, 1989. Advisor: Prof. C. Pandu Rangan
Ph.D. (Computer Science), Cornell University, 1993. Advisor: Prof. David B. Shmoys
Postdoc: Institute for Advanced Study (Princeton) and DIMACS (Rutgers), 1993-94.
Publications: My publications and co-authors.
Teaching: I am teaching CMSC 451, Design and Analysis of Computer Algorithms in Fall 2018.
My previous courses.
Students: Current PhD Students: Brian Brubach (co-advised with Mihai Pop), Karthik Abinav Sankararaman, Leonidas Tsepenekas, and Pan Xu (co-advised with John P. Dickerson).
Former PhD Students: (Chavan co-advised by Amol Deshpande, Han co-advised by Bobby Bhattacharjee, Levin co-advised by Bobby Bhattacharjee and Neil Spring.)
Former MS graduates: Ioana Bercea, Dan-Dan Lin, and Tommy Pensyl.
Other current/former students with significant collaborations: Dr. Suman Banerjee, Dr. Rajiv Gandhi, Dr. Seungjoon Lee, Dr. Ruggero Morselli, and Dr. Barna Saha.
Summer intern at Bell Labs: Dr. Adam Meyerson.
Mentorship of undergrad Gemstone teams:
  • On novel phramaceutical drug-design processes through bioinformatics, machine learning, and computational toxicology, 2018-2021.
  • On bio-engineering and computer science for medical devices, 2013-2016.
  • On information interfaces for reducing information overload, 2011-2014.
Undergraduate independent study: Michael Eleff (Spring 2015).
High-school student continuing through undergrad: Naveen Raman (2018-present).
High-school students: Antares Chen (2014-2015; co-advised by David Harris), Naveen Durvasula (2015-present; co-advised by John Dickerson), Levon Mkrtchyan (2006), and Steven Qu (2017-present; co-advised by Madhav Marathe and Anil Vullikanti).
Editorial Boards: Editor-in-Chief, ACM Transactions on Algorithms (TALG).
Managing Editor, Theory of Computing (ToC), an open-access journal.
Associate Editor, Networks.
Associate Editor, Journal of Computer and System Sciences (JCSS), 2004-2014.
Editor, Journal of Discrete Algorithms (JDA), 2004-2012.
Guest Co-editor, special issue of the SIAM Journal on Computing for selected papers from STOC 2010 (completed).
Guest Co-editor, special issue of Theory of Computing Systems (2004) for selected papers from SPAA 2004 (completed).
Guest Co-editor, special issue of JCSS (2004) for selected papers from STOC 2003 (completed).
Recent Program Committees: FUN 2018, DISC 2017, SPAA (2016, 2004), APPROX 2014, SODA (2012, 1998), PODC (2012, 2009), INFOCOM (2011, 2010, 2009), FST & TCS (2011, 2007, 2001, 1998), STOC (2010, 2003), RANDOM (2007, 2000).
Links: My links are here.
Contact: Room 3263, A. V. Williams Building
Dept. of Computer Science
University of Maryland at College Park
College Park, MD 20742, USA

Phone: 301-405-2695, Fax: 301-405-6707
E-mail: srin AT cs DOT umd DOT edu