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phone — 301-405-0053

office — AV Williams Building, π (3141)

For Prospective PhD Students

If you are interested in numerical analysis and machine learning, and you have a very strong mathematical background, you might be a good fit for our group. Most of the projects in our group have a mathematical component, and so students should be comfortable with writing proofs, using concepts from real analysis and numerical linear algebra, and implementing/debugging mathematical routines.

If you are contacting me about research projects, and you are not already enrolled at University of Maryland, please be sure to put “Prospective NA student” in the subject of your email. I will not respond to emails with a different subject.

Also, please note that I do not admit students to the program unless their application has been formally submitted to the computer science department. Your application will need to get past our admissions committee before you are admitted. However, if you think I am a particularly good fit for you as an advisor, feel free to include my name as a possible advisor in your application. You can also email me after your application is submitted, and I’ll be sure to review it.


Tom Goldstein
Iribe Center
Department of Computer Science
Office 4144
College Park, MD 20742