Visual Scene Understanding (


Project submissions are due at 11:59:59AM of the date indicated. If you have used up all your late days and have a medical or serious situation due to which you cannot submit the assignment on time and do not want late penalty do contact Nitin J. Sanket atleast 2 days before the due date.

Handout Handed out Due Source
Project 1, Project 1 Benchmark Tue, Sep 20 Thu, Sep 29 P1, Project 1 Benchmark
Project 2 Mon, Oct 03 Sun, Oct 16 Project 2
Project 3 Tue, Oct 18 Sun, Nov 06 Project 3
Project 4 Tue, Nov 11 Tue, Nov 22 Project 4
Project 5 Thu, Dec 01 Tue, Dec 20 Project 5

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