Visual Scene Understanding (

Lecture Notes

Most readings are from the book Computer Vision: Algorithms and Applications by Richard Szeliski.

Lect Dates Title Reading
01 Tue, Aug 30 Introduction to Computer Vision
02 Thu, Sept 1 Introduction to MATLAB MATLAB Tutorials, Gaussian Tutorial
03 Tue, Sept 6 Introduction to Projective Geometry Projective Geometry Slides, Projective Geometry Reading
05 Tue, Sept 13 Correlation and Convolution Correlation And Convolution Slides
06 Thu, Sept 15 GMM, HW1 Tips and Project 1 Specifications GMM, HW1Tips, Project 1: Boundary Detection
08 Thu, Sept 22 Texture Texture
09 Tue, Sept 27 pbLite and KMeans clustering pbLite, KMeans
10 Thu, Sept 29 Harris Corner Detector and SIFT Harris Corner Detector, SIFT

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