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Lecture Videos

We use Panopto to record lecture videos. Course videos (e.g., lectures videos) can be found by logging on to ELMS. In the entry for the course, you will find videos under Course→Panopto Recordings. We will create Panopto video folders within the Labs and Lectures folders you will find in Panopto.  If you look at a folder in Panopto you may see the message "This folder contains no videos.", but you could have folders with videos (e.g., Week01 folder under the Lectures folder). It takes about an hour for a video recorded in lecture to be available in Panopto.


Week      Topics Slides/Examples Work
Week #1
(Aug 30)
Course Intro, Software Tools, Review (Input/Output, Classes) CourseIntro.pdf
Week #2
(Sep 6)
Classes Review, Memory Maps ClassesIII.pdf
Project1 Out
Week #3
(Sep 13)
Memory Maps (Cont), JUnit Testing, Debugging, Exceptions, Immutable TestingDebugging.pdf
Quiz1 (Fri)
Project1 Due
Project2 Out
Week #4
(Sep 20)
Exceptions (Cont), Immutable, Pass by Value, Arrays ImmutableSwitch.pdf,
Project2 Due
Project3 Out
Week #5
(Sep 27)
Reference/Shallow/Deep Copies, Abstraction, Encapsulation, Packages, Testing CopyingObjects.pdf
Quiz2 (Fri)
Project3 Due
Project4 Out
Week #6
(Oct 4)
MVC, ArrayList, Interfaces ArrayListInterfaces.pdf
Interfaces.pdf (Newest Version) (Newest Version)
Week #7
(Oct 11)
Interfaces, Wrappers, Method Overloading WrappersOverloading.pdf
Project4 Due (Mon)
Exam #1 (Fri)
Week #8
(Oct 18)
Two-Dimensional Arrays (Cont.), Design (Pseudocode) SoftwareDevelopment.pdf
Project5 Out (Wed)
Week #9
(Oct 25)
Recursion Recursion.pdf
Quiz3 (Fri)
Project5 Due (Fri)
Project6 Out (Fri)
Week #10
(Nov 1)
Recursion (Cont.), Inheritance Intro, Iterators InheritanceIntro.pdf
Project6 (Part a) Due (Thu)
Week #11
(Nov 8)
getClass, instanceof, Object Class, Early/Late Bindingi, Composition vs. Inheritance ObjectBinding.pdf
Project6 Due (Mon)
Exam #2 (Fri)
Week #12
(Nov 15)
Multiple Inheritance MultipleInheritance.pdf
Project7 Out (Mon)
Week #13
(Nov 22)
Command Line Arguments, Dynamic systems, State Transition Diagrams CmdLineArgsLoops.pdf
Project7 (Part a) Due (Mon)
Thanksgiving Recess
Week #14
(Nov 29)
Algorithm Analysis SortingAlgAnalysis.pdf
Project7 Due (Wed)

Recursion exercise posted (Wed)

Week #15
(Dec 6)
Miscellaneous BitwiseOperations.pdf (has all lecture slides/examples)
Recursion exercise due (Thu)

Week #16
(Dec 13)
Course Evaluation, Final Exam Review Last Day of Classes
(Mon, Dec 13)

Final Exam
(Thu, Dec 16
4:00 pm - 6:00 pm)
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