Schedule (Subject to Change)

Sides may not include all the material discussed in lecture. You are responsible for any material we present in lecture, even if it does not appear in the posted slides. The schedule below is tentative and adjustments might be made throughout the semester.

Week Topics Slides Work
Week #1
(Aug 28)
Internet, Web Browsers, Web Servers, Client/Server, Fundamental Concepts, HTML CourseIntro_Lec0.pdf
Visual Studio Code Installation
Week #2
(Sep 4)
More on HTML HTML_Lec2.pdf
Week #3
(Sep 11)
CSS CSS_Lec3.pdf
P1 Out (Tue)
Quiz #1 (Wed)
Class Online (Fri. 9/15)
Week #4
(Sep 18)
JavaScript Basic Types, Conditionals JS_Lec6.pdf
P1 Due (Thurs)
Week #5
(Sep 25)
Conditionals (Cont.) JS_Lec8.pdf
Exam #1 (Wed)
Week #6
(Oct 2)
Loops - while and do while JS_Lec9.pdf
P2 Out (Tue)
Week #7
(Oct 9)
for loops, Nested Loops JS_Lec11.pdf
Quiz #2 (Wed)
P2 Due (Thurs)
Week #8
(Oct 16)
Functions, Global / Local Variables JS_Lec12.pdf
Week #9
(Oct 23)
Functions (Cont.), Arrays JS_Lec13.pdf
Quiz #3 (Wed)
P3 Due (Thurs)
Week #10
(Oct 30)
More on Arrays - pass and return from functions, array methods JS_Lec14.pdf
P4 Out (Tue)
Week #11
(Nov 6)
Review for Exam 2, Intro to Forms Forms_Lec15.pdf
Exam #2 (Wed)
Week #12
(Nov 13)
Forms, Event-Driven Programming, DOM Forms_Lec16.pdf
P4 Due (Tue)
P5 Out (Tue)
Week #13
(Nov 20)
Enjoy the break! No class (Mon)
Thanksgiving Break (Wed, Fri.)
Week #14
(Nov 27)
In-class on Forms, Review of Exam 2, Quiz 4 Quiz #4 (Wed)
Week #15
(Dec 4)
Recursion, Exam 2 Review, Quiz 5 Recursion.pdf
Quiz #5 (Wed)
P5 Due (Thurs)
Week #16
(Dec 11)
TBA Last Day of Classes (Mon Dec 11)

Final Exam
(Fri Dec 15,
8:00am - 10:00am)
Web Accessibility