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We use Panopto to record lecture videos. Course videos (e.g., lectures videos) can be found by logging on to ELMS. In the entry for the course, you will find videos under Course→Panopto Recordings. We will create Panopto video folders within the Labs and Lectures folders you will find in Panopto.  If you look at a folder in Panopto you may see the message "This folder contains no videos.", but you could have folders with videos (e.g., Week01 folder under the Lectures folder). It may take about an hour for a video recorded in lecture to be available in Panopto. By the way, in Panopto, you may not see a folder unless you choose "Show all..."


Week      Topics Slides/Examples Work
Week #1
(Aug 28)
Course Intro, Computer Systems, Software Tools, Object-Oriented Terminology, Rules for Java Identifiers, Assignment, Primitive Types, Simple Output, Operators CourseIntro.pdf CompOrgEclipseIntro.pdf JavaIntro.pdf JavaVariablesTypes.pdf
Week #2
(Sep 4)
Strings, Input (Scanner), Conditionals, Logical Operators, Block Statements StringScanner.pdf CondStmtStyle.pdf P1 Out (Fri)
Week #3
(Sep 11)
Precedence Rules, Short-circuiting, Style, Symbolic Constants Assignment Operators, Loops (while/do while), Random Numbers, Input (JOptionPane) LoopsWhileDoWhile.pdf P1 Due (Thu)
P2 Out (Fri)
Q1 (Wed)
Friday lecture (online)
due to game
Week #4
(Sep 18)
For loops, Nested Loops, Methods (parameters, local variables, public/private), Precedence, Casting ForNestedLoops.pdf StaticMethods.pdf PrecAssocCasting.pdf P2 Due (Fri)
P3 Out (Fri)
Week #5
(Sep 25)
Methods (parameters, local variables, public/private), StringBuffer, Math Libraries StringMathLib.pdf P3 Due (Fri)
Week #6
(Oct 2)
Classes Intro, Constructors, get/set/toString methods, Floating point computations, Memory Diagrams, constructors ClassesI.pdf ClassesII.pdf MemoryDiagram.pdf Exam #1 (Fri)
Week #7
(Oct 9)
Current Object (this), equals method, copy constructor, break/continue, Testing/Debugging, Exceptions BreakContinue.pdf (lab) TestingDebugging.pdf Exceptions.pdf P4 Out (Mon)
Week #8
(Oct 16)
Design (Pseudocode), ArrayList, Simple File I/O, Arrays SoftwareDevelopment.pdf
ArrayListFile.pdf ArraysI.pdf
P4a Due (Mon)
P4 Due (Wed)
P5 Out (Wed)
ProgExpEx Out (Thu)
Week #9
(Oct 23)
Arrays, Ternary Operator, Switch Statement, Privacy Leaks, Reference/Shallow/Deep Copies, Wrappers, Method Overloading ArraysII.pdf TernarySwitch.pdf (lab) (lab) PrivacyLeakCopying.pdf WrappersOverloading.pdf P5a Due (Mon)
P5 Due (Thu)
P6 Out (Thu)
Q2 (Wed)
ProgExpEx Due (Fri)
Mid-Semester grades
submission by instructors
before or on Tue, Oct 24
Week #10
(Oct 30)
javadoc, Abstraction, Encapsulation, Packages, MVC, ArrayList, Interfaces Abstraction.pdf Interfaces.pdf P6a Due (Wed)
Exam #2 (Fri)
Week #11
(Nov 6)
Interfaces, Two-Dimensional Arrays, Inheritance Intro TwoDimArrays.pdf InheritanceIntro.pdf P6 Due (Tue)
P7 Out (Tue)
Debugging Exercise (Mon to Fri - Times will vary)

Week #12
(Nov 13)
Inheritance Intro, Composition vs. Inheritance, Reviewing Overloading/Overriding, Iterators, getClass, instanceof, Object Class, Early/Late Binding, equals options FindObjectClass.pdf P7a Due (Mon)
P7 Due (Thu)
P8 Out (Thu)
Week #13
(Nov 20)
Multiple Inheritance, Command Line Arguments, Dynamic State Systems, Bitwise Operators MultipleInheritance.pdf CmdLineArgsLoops.pdf DynSysStateTransitionDiag.pdf (for fun :)) BitwiseOperations.pdf Monday lecture (online)
Thanksgiving Recess (starting Wed)
Week #14
(Nov 27)
Recursion Recursion.pdf P8 Due (Wed)
P9 Out (Wed)
Exam #3 (Fri)
Week #15
(Dec 4)
Course Evaluation, Miscellaneous, Final Exam Review SortingAlgAnalysis.pdf RecursionExercise Out (Mon)
P9 Due (Thu)
Week #16
(Dec 11)
Final Exam Review (all lecture slides/examples) RecursionExercise Due (Mon)
Last Day of Classes
(Mon, Dec 11)

Final Exam
Thu, Dec 14,
(4pm - 6pm)

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