CMSC 436, Fall 2023

Programming Handheld Systems

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Lecture Slides

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DateTopic Supp. Material
8/29/23 Introduction to Class Handheld Devices Android Platform, Git Workflow Video1 Video2
9/5/23 Development Environment Application Fundamentals Video1, No Video2 Available
9/12/23 The Activity Class The Intent Class Video1 Video2
9/19/23 Permissions Data Management Video1 Video2
9/26/23 The Fragment Class Lifecycle-Aware Components App Architecture No Video1,Video2
10/03/23 User Interface Video1,Video2
10/10/23 The BroadcastReceiver Class Notifications Video1 ,Video2
10/17/23 Firebase Video1
10/24/23 Threads and Handlers Alarms Networking Video1 Video2
10/31/23 Graphics and Animation Video1 Video2
11/7/23 MultiTouch and Gestures MultiMedia.pdf Video1 No Video2
11/14/23 Sensors Location and Maps Video1 Video2
11/21/23 The ContentProvider Class Video1

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