Structure Fom Motion (

Homeworks and Handouts

Homework assignments are due at 11:59:59PM of the date indicated. If you have used up all your late days and have a medical or serious situation due to which you cannot submit the assignment on time and do not want late penalty do contact Nitin J. Sanket atleast 2 days before the due date.

I typeset the homeworks using latex. It is among the best systems for typesetting scientific papers. I will try to put copies of my latex source for the homeworks (slightly simplified) along with the figure files. (If I forget to post them here, please send reminder to Nitin J. Sanket.)

Handout Handed out Due
Homework 0 Sun, Dec 25 Wed, Jan 29
Homework 1 Sun, Feb 10 Wed, Feb 24
Homework 2 Fri, March 03 Fri, March 17
Homework 3 Fri, April 28 Wed, May 10

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