Note   All homeworks are due by 10am on the listed date

Date Topic Readings Homework
01/24 Introduction: What is CS research?
01/31 Reading and critically analyzing papers Critically analyzing research papers
02/07 Ethics in CS research The role of ethics in paper reviews
02/14 Tools of the trade
02/21 Guest speakers: Kevin Bock and George Hughey Reading response
02/28 Guest speaker: Neil Spring
03/07 Guest speaker: David Van Horn
03/14 Guest speaker: Bill Gasarch
  • The Muffin Problem
03/21 Spring Break
03/28 "Research impact" and the interaction between industry and research
04/04 Guest speaker: Jeff Foster
User Interactions and Permission Use on Android
04/11 Writing academic papers
04/18 Guest speaker: John Dickerson
  • Fairness and Market Design
04/25 Guest speaker: Marcus Fedarko
  • MetagenomeScope
05/02 Dave Levin
05/09 Closing: Next steps towards research
05/16 Project presentations (1:30-3:30pm)

Annual 396H Symposium on Research

Analyzing social data

  1. Yelp: Measuring Impact of Weather On Reviews
  2. Tweesearch
  3. Analysis of 2016 Election Day Twitter Data
  4. Bias along Geographic Lines

Detecting and analyzing bad code

  1. Breaking Point: A Test Suite Augmentation for Locating Bugs in Real Executions
  2. Using convolutional neural networks to Detect Android Malware
  3. OpenModularProjectiles

Wait til you see this

  1. DAVIS Multi-Object Segmentation
  2. Flourish

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