Schedule (Subject to Change)

Sides may not include all the material discussed in lecture. You are responsible for any material we present in lecture, even if it does not appear in the posted slides.

Week Topics Slides Work
Week #1
(Jan 28)
Internet, Web Browsers, Web Servers, Client/Server, Fundamental Concepts, HTML CourseIntroFundamentals.pdf
Komodo Edit Installation
Week #2
(Feb 4)
Week #3
(Feb 11)
HTML, CSS, JavaScript Intro CSS.pdf
P1 Out (Mon)
Quiz (Wed)
Week #4
(Feb 18)
JavaScript Basic Types, Conditionals JSTypesExprIf.pdf
P1 Due (Thu)
Week #5
(Feb 25)
Conditionals (Cont.), While Loops CascadedIfLoops.pdf
Exam #1 (Wed)
Week #6
(Mar 4)
Design, do whiles DesignDoWhilesCode.pdf
P2 Out (Mon)
Quiz (Wed)
Week #7
(Mar 11)
Data types, random values, Bootstrap intro, for loops, Nested Loops DebuggingDataTypes.pdf
P2 Due (Fri)
Spring Break 2019 (Mar 17-Mar 24)
Week #8
(Mar 25)
Nested Loops (Cont.), Functions Bootstrap.pdf
Mid-Term Grades (Mon)
Week #9
(Apr 1)
Functions (Cont.), Global / Local Variables P3 Out (Mon)
Paper Out (Mon)
Week #10
(Apr 8)
Available technologies/tools to conduct research, switch, break, Usability and Art Theory, Web Data Validation, Arrays Arrays.pdf
P3 Due (Thu)
Quiz (Wed)
Week #11
(Apr 15)
Arrays Exam #2 (Wed)
Week #12
(Apr 22)
Forms, Event-Driven Programming, DOM Forms.pdf
P4 Out (Mon)
Week #13
(Apr 29)
Forms, Animation, GET / POST Paper Due (Wed)
Week #14
(May 6)
Form Validation, Server Side Processing, GET/POST, LocalStorage DrawingSoundForms.pdf
P4 Due (Mon)
Week #15
(May 13)
Final Exam Review Last Day of Classes (Tue May 14)

Final Exam
(Thu May 16,
4pm - 6pm)
Web Accessibility