Office Hours

Name Office Number Hours
Nelson Padua-Perez IRB 2210 MW 10:15AM-11:15AM, Tue: 9:45AM-10:15AM
Office Hours System

In order to see a TA during office hours you need to access the Office Hours System. Keep in mind there is a fix number of times you can visit TAs per day.

Teaching Assistants

TAs office hours will be held in IRB 1107. TAs for this course (TBA).

Time Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
8:30-9:00 Mary
9-10 Saba Hong, Mary Saba Saba, Alex
10-11 Saba Hong, Mary (stops 10:30) Saba Saba
11-12 Aviv (starts 11:30), Ophir Diana, Rana, Hong, Zhehan Aviv (starts 11:30) Ophir
12-1 Aviv, Ophir Diana, Rana, Zhehan Kevin, Mary, Aviv, Diana, Ophir Tim, Kevin Ophir
1-2 Zhehan, Aviv (stops 1:30) Rana (stops 1:30) Aviv (stops 1:30), Diana (stops 1:30) Tim
2-3 Matthew, Zhehan
3-4 Matthew Zhehan(starts 3:30)
4-5 Matthew, Hyun Zhehan, Hong, Diana
5-6 Diana,Tim Zhehan(stops 5:30), Hong, Diana Hong
Name E-mail Photo
Swati Singhal
swati AT TA Picture
Saba Ahmadi
saba AT TA Picture
Hong Wei
hyw AT TA Picture
Rana Khalil
rmkhalil AT TA Picture
Zhehan Xiong
zhxiong1996 AT TA Picture
Kevin Cardenas kcard13 AT TA Picture
Alex Hsieh alex53632 AT TA Picture
Ophir Gal
ophirgal AT TA Picture
Diana Chou
dianachou4 AT TA Picture
Aviv Elazar-Mittelman
avivem AT TA Picture
Timothy Lin
tmthylin AT TA Picture
Mary Monroe
mfmonroe AT TA Picture
Matthew Patrick * mdp AT TA Picture
Titus Rasmussen trasm AT TA Picture
Hyun Cho chostar AT TA Picture

* This class is supported by the new Academic Peer Mentoring Program (AMP). Tutors are former cmsc132 students that will help you with the course. Keep in mind they will not be able to address grading concerns. Tutors will hold tutoring hours in the TA room. Additional information about this program can be found at

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