Office Hours

Name Office Number Hours
Pedram Sadeghian IRB 2214 MWF 11 AM-12 PM
Nelson Padua-Perez IRB 2210 Mon, Wed: 10:30 am - 11:30 am, 1:15 pm - 2:15 pm
Office Hours System

In order to see a TA during office hours you need to access the Office Hours System. Keep in mind there is a fix number of times you can visit TAs per day.

Iribe Initiative 1:1 and Guided Study Session (GSS)

The Iribe Initiative for Inclusion & Diversity in Computing offers both 1:1 and Guided Study Session (GSS) tutoring for CMSC 131, 132, 216, 250, 330, and 351 around specific concepts discussed in class. We also offer 1:1 tutoring only for CMSC 122 and 320. To learn more and request tutoring, please visit:

Teaching Assistants

TAs office hours will be held in IRB 1107 (the open area across from this room). A photo of this area can be found at CS TA Rooms.

Time Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
9-10 Aviral, Johnny Nikolay, Andros Johnny, Aviral Nikolay, Andros Johnny
10-11 Nikolay, Andros Aaron, Nikolay, Andros
11-12 Michael, Sierra, Rohith Johnny, Ekansh, Robert, Rohith Venae, Michael, Sierra, Andros, Rohith Johnny, Robert, Rohith Aviral, Kevin, Ashna, Rohith
12-1 Vlad, Venae, Michael, Brandon Ritesh, Ekansh, Diana, Robert, William Vlad, Venae, Ritesh, Brandon, Andros, Rohith, William Ekansh, Ritesh, Diana, Robert Sierra, Aviral, Ashna
1-2 Brandon, Dennis, Diana Ritesh, William Diana, Justin De Burgo, Ritesh, Brandon, Dennis, William Ritesh, Justin Le
2-3 Brandon, Dennis, Diana Justin Le, William, Dantong Brandon, Dennis, Diana, Ekesh, William Justin Le, Ashna
3-4 Dennis, Leo Wei, Dantong Dennis, Leo, Ekesh, Dantong Shyam, Aviral, Wei Robert
4-5 Justin Le, Swati, Zhehan, Wei Dantong, Johnny, Wei Justin Le, Dantong, Zhehan, Wei Wei Robert, Zhehan, Dantong, Swati
5-6 Swati, Zhehan, Ekesh Aaron, Justin De Burgo, Ekesh Aaron, Zhehan, Justin Le Justin De Burgo, Leo, Ekesh Zhehan, Ekesh
Name E-mail Photo
Yuval Reiss [LEAD] yreiss AT TA Picture
Swati Singhal [GRADER] swati AT TA Picture
Venae Sidhu [TEACHING] vsidhu AT TA Picture
Brandon Kwintner [GRADER] kwintner AT TA Picture
Shyam Pujara [TEACHING] spujara1 AT TA Picture
Ekansh Vinaik [TEACHING] ekansh AT TA Picture
Aaron Kyei-Asare [TEACHING] akyeiasa At TA Picture
Michael Fraumeni [TEACHING] mfraum AT TA Picture
Sierra Seabrease [TEACHING] sseabrea AT TA Picture
Justin De Burgo [TEACHING] jdeburgo AT TA Picture
Geng (Leo) Liu [TEACHING] leoliu AT TA Picture
Vlad Dobrin [TEACHING] vdobrin AT TA Picture
Justin Le [GRADER] jle12345 AT TA Picture
Aviral Choudhary [GRADER] aviral AT TA Picture
Ritesh Pachgade [GRADER] ritesh AT TA Picture
Kevin Joo [TEACHING] hkjoo AT TA Picture
Ashna Mehrotra [TEACHING] ashnam AT TA Picture
Johnny Truong [GRADER] jtruong5 AT TA Picture
Nikolay Pomytkin [TEACHING] pomytkin AT TA Picture
Robert Choe [GRADER] rchoe67 AT TA Picture
Diana Chou [GRADER] dchou AT TA Picture
Zhehan Xiong [GRADER] zxiong AT TA Picture
Dantong Ji [GRADER] dji AT TA Picture
Dennis Li [GRADER] dli12348 AT TA Picture
Wei Liu [GRADER] wliu703 AT TA Picture
Andros Yang [GRADER] ayang12 AT TA Picture
William Siew [GRADER] wsiew AT TA Picture
Rohith Venkatesh [GRADER] rohith AT TA Picture
Ekesh Kumar [GRADER] ekumar1 AT TA Picture
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