Schedule (Subject to Change)

Sides may not include all the material discussed in lecture. You are responsible for any material we present in lecture, even if it does not appear in the posted slides. To import the zip files with lecture examples into Eclipse, follow the instructions provided at Importing (Projects).

Week      Topics Slides Work
Week #1
(Jan 27)
Course Intro, Software Tools, Review (Input/Output, Classes) Course-Intro.pdf
Week #2
(Feb 3)
Classes Review, JUnit Testing, Debugging, Memory Maps ClassesIII.pdf
P1 Out (Tue)
Week #3
(Feb 10)
Exceptions, Immutable Exceptions.pdf
Q1 (Fri)
P1 Due (Tue)
P2 Out (Tue)
Week #4
(Feb 17)
Pass by Value, Arrays PassByValueMemDiag.pdf
P2 Due (Tue)
P3 Out (Tue)
Week #5
(Feb 24)
Reference/Shallow/Deep Copies, Abstraction, Encapsulation, Packages, Testing CopyingObjects.pdf
Q2 (Mon)
P3 Due (Tue)
Week #6
(Mar 2)
MVC, ArrayList, Interfaces ArrayListInterfaces.pdf
Exam #1 (Mon)
P4 Out (Mon)
Week #7
(Mar 9)
Interfaces, Wrappers, Method Overloading WrappersOverloading.pdf
P4 Due (Tue)
Spring Break 2020
Classes Cancelled (Mar 23 - Mar 27), Mid-Term Grades Due (Mon)
Week #8
(Mar 30)
Two-Dimensional Arrays, Design (Pseudocode) TwoDimArrays.pdf
Video #1 (From time marker 1:00:25 until the end)
Video #2a
Video #3 (Design, starting at time marker 55:50)
Video #4 (Design, starting at time marker 44:35)
P5 Out (Tue)
Week #9
(Apr 6)
Recursion Recursion.pdf
Video #1a
Video #2 (Until time marker 1:00:00)
Q3 (Mon)
P5 Due (Thu)
Week #10
(Apr 13)
Inheritance Intro, Iterators InheritanceIntro.pdf
Video #1 (Starting at timer marker 1:57)
Video #2b
Exam #2 (Mon)
Week #11
(Apr 20)
getClass, instanceof, Object Class, Early/Late Binding, Composition vs. Inheritance ObjectBinding.pdf
Video #1b
Video #2 (Until timer marker 32:12)
P6 Out (Tue)
Week #12
(Apr 27)
Command line Arguments, Multiple Inheritance CmdLineArgsLoops.pdf
Video (Command Line Arguments, starting at time marker 33:36)
Video (Multiple Inheritance, up to time marker 24:10)
Q4 (Wed)
P6 Due (Fri)
Week #13
(May 4)
Dynamic systems, State Transition Diagrams DynSysStateTransitionDiag.pdf
Video (Dynamic Systems, State Transition Diagrams, starting at time marker 24:11)
Week #14
(May 11)
Miscellaneous, Course Evaluation (lecture), Final Exam Review Last Day of Classes
(Tue, May 12)

Final Exam
(Fri, May 15
4pm - 6pm)
Web Accessibility