Schedule (Subject to Change)

General Information

Lecture Videos

We use Panopto to record lecture videos. Course videos (e.g., lectures videos) can be found by logging on to ELMS. In the entry for the course, you will find videos under Course→Panopto Recordings. We will create Panopto video folders within the Lectures folders you will find in Panopto.  If you look at a folder in Panopto you may see the message "This folder contains no videos.", but you could have folders with videos (e.g., Week01 folder under the Lectures folder). It takes about an hour for a video recorded in lecture to be available in Panopto.


Semester Schedule

Week   Topics Slides (for videos see info at the top) Work  
Week #1
(Jan 24)
Course Introduction, Web Servers, HTML5 Intro CourseIntro.pdf Fundamentals.pdf HTMLBasics.pdf
Week #2
(Jan 31)
Week #3
(Feb 7)
CSS CSSII.pdf CSSIII.pdf P1 Out (Tue)
Week #4
(Feb 14)
Web Servers, Get vs. Post, HTML Forms
WebServersForms.pdf P1 Due (Fri)
Week #5
(Feb 21)
HTML Forms, JS Data Types, Variables
Expressions, Strict Mode, let/const, Console, Arrays, Functions, let/const
Forms.pdf JavaScriptIntro.pdf JavaScript2.pdf
P2 Out (Tue)
Week #6
(Feb 28)
Array methods, typeof, Hoisting, Scope, for..of, Template Literals, Sorting JavaScript3.pdf P2 Due (Fri)
Week #7
(Mar 7)
Events-Driven Programmimng I (Adding functionality to buttons, getting data from text fields, animations), innerHTML EventsI.pdf Exam #1 (Wed)
P3 Out (Wed)
Week #8
(Mar 14)
Truthy vs. Falsy, Numeric values, Debugging, Default Parameters, Rest Operator, Spread Operator, Destructuring, JSON, Additional Array Methods, Sets, Maps JavaScript4.pdf JavaScript5.pdf
Spring Break 2022 (Mar 20 → Mar 27)
Week #9
(Mar 28)
IIFE, Form Validation, Classes (Custom Type Definition), Ajax, SPA JavaScript6.pdf JavaScript7.pdf
Week #10
(Apr 4)
Error, FileReader API, Sound, Class definition using class, Node.js, Express JavaScript8.pdf NodeJS.pdf Express.pdf values.js P3 Due (Mon)
P4 Out (Mon)
Week #11
(Apr 11)
Express, Relational Databases/SQL RelationalDatabasesSQL.pdf P4 Due (Tue)
Week #12
(Apr 18)
Fetch API, Symbol, JavaScript09.pdf Exam #2 (Wed)
Week #13
(Apr 25)
LocalStorage, GeoLocation API, Canvas, Modules Modules.pdf P5 Out (Mon)
Week #14
(May 2)
MongoDB, async/await, Express Router, Cookies, Sessions AsyncAwait.pdf MongoDB.pdf RouterCookiesSessions.pdf P6 Out (Tue)
P5 Due (Tue)
Week #15
(May 9)
Miscellaneous Miscellaneous.pdf P6 Due (Tue)
Last Day of Classes
(Tue, May 10)

Final Exam
(Mon, May 16
Web Accessibility