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SIGMETRICS 2001 / Performance 2001

Electronic Papers Submission Procedure
All manuscripts submitted for possible publication in the ACM SIGMETRICS 2001 / Performance 2001 conference must be submitted electronically. Please follow the "easy to use" instructions (below) for submitting your paper electronically.

Your paper must either be in printable postscript or in PDF format. No other document formats will be accepted.

Please make sure that the pages are numbered.

Since we are not postscript/PDF experts, we regret that we can not attempt to modify your document to make it printable. Nor can we help you determine why it is not printable. We must be able to print the document just as we receive it.

Papers Submission Steps
Here are the three steps for submitting your paper:
  1. Before actually submitting your paper, you must first register your paper. You will be asked for author contact information, as well as the title, authorship, keywords, and abstract of your paper. After you (the contact author) have registered your paper, you will receive an email message giving you the paper id number. If possible, please include this paper id number somewhere in your paper; for instance, you can include it instead of the authors' names (since authors' names must be removed for the "double blind" reviewing process).

  2. You will submit your paper by uploading it via ftp to our site. (Please remember to remove authors' names and affiliations before you submit the paper.) Before uploading your paper, you will need to name the file containing your paper. The name of your file should be formed from the paper id you received via email, the initials of the first author and the current date/time as shown in the following example.

    Suppose the paper id is 5, the first author is John Q. Public, the date is October 15, 2000, the local time is 11:45 (24hr clock) and you are submitting a postscript file. In this case, you must name the file Don't worry about the accuracy of the local time that you use; it need not be exact.

    Please do not submit a compressed file. We may not have the software needed to uncompress it.

  3. Finally, you can submit your paper using anonymous FTP. Follow the steps below:

    • ftp to
    • login as user ftp and give your name or email address as password
    • change to the directory /incoming/sigmetrics2001
    • use the FTP bin command to change mode to binary
    • use the FTP put command to upload your file to our ftp site.

    Note: Directory listing of our ftp site is disabled, so you will not be able to do an "ls" command to see your submitted file listed on our site.

Once you have submitted your file, we will print it (to check that it is indeed printable). You will receive a confirmation email for your paper submission within two working days. If you have any questions, please contact us via email at

Thanks for your interest in ACM SIGMETRICS 2001 / Performance 2001!


[Electronic submission and handling of papers is being done with the ConfMan system]
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[Last updated Sat Sep 23 2000]

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