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Welcome to the Autonomous Mobile Robotics Lab


Current research at the MAGIC Lab: Next generation robotics and smart rooms.

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Traditional Robotics at the AMRL:  Intelligent Control of Goal-Based Robotics and Motion Planning

Autonomous Mobile Robotics Laboratory Manifesto

Maryland Robot Wins Japanese Competition!

Lancelot has taken first place in a Japanese Robotics competition, beating over 110 Japanese competitors. Lancelot is a small autonomous robot built by a team of undergraduates under the guidance of AMRL's laboratory director, Dr. Julio K. Rosenblatt, and mechanical engineering professor Dr. Gregory Walsh.

Details of the victory can be found in the August 6, 1997 Washington Post and in an article from IEEE Intelligent Systems*, Jan/Feb 1998: Jousting in Japan (pdf) by Julio Rosenblatt.

Congratulations to Julio and Greg!

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AMRL Robots and Projects

IS Robotics R2e
Scratchy Smart-V
RWI B-14
Homebuilt Hovercraft
o R2e, IS-Robotics: Robot Vacuuming
o Airborne Imaging Robotic System (AIRS), homebuilt: Frictionless Navigation
o Smart-V, homebuilt
o Object Tracking System, running on SCAMP, SSL-built
o A sonar ring for the 6.270 board
o Path Planning and Obstacle Avoidance with Nonholonomic Robots
oIndoor Navigation and Exploration - Spiro, an upgraded RWI B-14 base, is used for a number of lab experiments.
oDAMN: A Distributed Architecture for Mobile Navigation
For further information consult the postscript description of the projects in the AMRL.

Other Robotics Activities

The Autonomous Mobile Robotics Lab also helps to run Educational Activities in Robotics held at the University of Maryland at College Park

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