Mon June 5 Welcome to REU-CAAR. Bill Gasarch

Mon June 5 Quantum Error Correction (pptx slides). Victor Albert

Tue June 6 Hilbert Geom (NOT HERE YET) Auguste Gezalyan

Wed June 7 The Muffin Problem. Bill Gasarch

Fri June 9 Improving Translation for Wikipedia. Marine Carpuat and Eleftheria Briakou

Mon June 12 Parellel Algs and High Dim. Clustering. Laxman Dhulipala

Tue June 13 What Should WE Grow Today so We Make Money Tommorow? Reinforcement Learning for Small Farmers. Aviva Prins

Thu July 13 How to to (or not do) bad science. Evan Golub

Mon July 17 Talk on Hat Problems. Bill Gasarch

Thu July 20 The Stat. Mech. of Money. Victor Yakovenko

Mon Aug 7 Trick Questions or Stupid Questions