On the Effective Use of a Web Page Design

Carina Hassan
Department of Computer Science
University of Maryland
May 2000
For CMSC 386 - Independent Study


Because of the increasing growth of the World Wide Web, many companies have created their own Web sites to advertise their products or services. This information that the companies create is accessible to more and more people since free Internet connection is available to the public. Therefore, there is tough competition between companies for informing the public about their own products. In order to get the attention of the public through the company's Web page, it is very important to design an attractive and easy to use site.

To design a site that is attractive and easy to use site requires some organization. There are many different combinations of Web page design that the developers can choose to use for their sites. However, there will be a design that is more suitable for a targeted group of audience. Therefore, before the process of designing, the developers have to fully understand the needs of their audience to choose the best choice of design.

In this report of the effective use of the different types of Web page layouts, we discussed about what determines the basic elements of a good page design. The basic elements include color contrast, text organization, font selection, style of a page, page size, graphics used, and consistency. All of these elements are very important to the design of the Web page. Therefore, the developers have to agree on all of the above issues before starting the design.

A good Web page layout is important to anyone who wants to create a Web page. The layout of a page directly affects the usability of a site. A better page layout can attract more visitors and keep old visitors. By attracting new visitors, the information can be spread faster and easier. More people will visit a well organized Web page.

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