Current Students

Soham <

Soham De

Soham’s research interests broadly include topics in machine learning and game theory. In machine learning, his interests span optimization methods for machine learning problems, distributed algorithms and online learning. Soham is co-advised by Dana Nau, and also collaborates with Michele Gelfand for his work on game theoretic models of human behavior and cultural bias. Soham has interned at IBM Almaden Research Center and DeepMind.

Zheng Xu <

Zheng Xu

Zheng studies optimization and machine learning. His work is focused on automated and distributing optimization routines for model fitting and data science. Previously, he was a Project Officer in the Visual Computing Research Group at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, where worked on domain adaptation for computer vision. Zheng has worked extensively with a number if industry collaborators, including Microsoft Research Asia (MSRA), Amazon Research, Adobe, Rolls-Royce, and Honda Corporation.

Sohil Shah <

Sohil Shah

Sohil is focused on solving difficult computer vision problems using large-scale optimization, deep learning, and graphical models. Sohil was previously a systems design engineer at Broadcom Corporation, and works with Intel Research on deep learning and clustering.

Hao Li <

Hao Li

Hao’s research interests lie at the intersection of machine learning ​and systems. Specifically, he is interested in designing efficient and scalable machine learning algorithms for high-performance and resource-constrained systems. Hao is co-advised by Hanan Samet. Before joining UMD, he obtained his master degree from the Chinese Academy of Sciences under the supervision of Prof. Shiguang Shan. He has worked for Nervana Systems, NEC Labs America, and Microsoft Research Asia.

Ali Shafahi <

Ali Shafahi

Ali works on a range of topics related to data security for neural networks and other machine learning systems. He is particularly interested in adversarial machine learning, including evasion and poisoning attacks for deep classifiers. Before joining the group, Ali complete a PhD in Civil Engineering under the supervision of Ali Haghani, and he is an expert in operations research and transportation systems.


Ronny <

Ronny Huang

Ronny received his PhD in Physics at MIT in the Optics and Quantum Electronics Group under Professors Franz Kärtner and Erich Ippen at MIT. In addition to his expertise in optics and imaging, Ronny has done a lot of work in machine learning and computer vision. His recent research is focused on poisoning attacks and defenses for deep neural networks.