FASTA (Fast Adaptive Shrinkage/ Thresholding Algorithm) is an efficient, easy-to-use implementation of the Forward-Backward Splitting (FBS) method (also known as the proximal gradient method) for regularized optimization problems. Many variations on FBS are available in FASTA, including the popular accelerated variant FISTA (Beck and Teboulle ’09), the adaptive stepsize rule SpaRSA

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The Perfusion Imaging Toolkit (PIT) is a comprehensive set of tools for MR-based perfusion imaging. In addition to several different perfusion calculation tools, the software smoothly integrates file formatting, image denoising, registration, segmentation, mean curve extraction, and many other image processing tasks. PIT has the capability to generate perfusion measurements from regions of interest, as well as to generate pixel-by-pixel perfusion maps.

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