There will be three (3) projects in the class that each student has to do. They will be done in Flash. All projects will be designed in a way that the functionality of Flash 6 is sufficient to do them, but that they also can be done in any higher version.

Project 1: (Due September 29th)

Project 2: (Due October 20th)

Project 3: (Due November 17th)

trial software

material from the class

  • Intro to Flash Lecture slides
  • 2nd Flash / 1st midterm review Lecture slides
  • the .fla files as .zip for the examples from class (Flash MX / Flash 8)


    These are the same links as on the links page and are good starting points for learning flash, also the included -Help- and -How To- files in Flash are very helpful.

    For Actionscript documentation please look at the Flash-Help under "ActionScript Language Reference"

    The campus has four labs that have Flash 6 installed:

    You can also buy a copy of Macromedia Flash MX 2004 from OIT for 70 Dollars. It should be available at the help desk in the Computer Science Space Bulding Room 1400, Phone: 301-405-1500 open Monday - Friday, 8am - 5pm

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