Homework 1: Web Design Critique
(due: September 8th, submitted in class on one sheet of paper)

Write a one-page critique (one side only with 10-point font) of a Univ of Maryland information website from the links below. These are large sites, so explore for a while to gain an overview, and then navigate based on two scenarios that you describe, e.g. a foreign student seeking admissions information for undergraduate study in Computer Science.
Use the Eight Golden Rules (in Chapter 2) as the structure for your comments, but go beyond them if you like. Be sure to describe positive aspects, and also make suggestions for revisions. Please work carefully to produce a thoughtful well-organized, well-written page that makes constructive suggestions.

Office of Information Technology: Student Computing Resources

  • http://www.oit.umd.edu/Student/

    Office of Information Technology: HelpDesk
  • http://www.helpdesk.umd.edu/
  • http://www.helpdesk.umd.edu/fullindex.shtml

    Department of Computer Science
  • http://www.cs.umd.edu/

    University of Maryland: Home Page
  • http://www.umd.edu/

    Testudo: Admissions
  • http://www.testudo.umd.edu/admissions/

    Testudo: Campus Services
  • http://www.testudo.umd.edu/CampusServices.html

    Testudo: Registrar
  • http://www.testudo.umd.edu/Registrar.html

    Transportation Services
  • http://transportation.umd.edu/
  • http://www.bcbs.com/