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Lecture Notes

This page has links to the lecture notes. If you do not see the lecture notes posted by the afternoon after class, please send me an email reminder. Each set of notes is posted in two forms, 2-slides per page and 6-slides per page. Unless otherwise indicated, all readings are from our text by Shirley and Marschner.

Access Forbidden? For copyright reasons, the lecture notes are accessible only from IP addresses within the University of Maryland. If this is a problem, please check out the use of a VPN client, which allows you log into the University system from off campus, and then access files as if you were logged in locally. It is free software which can be downloaded from OIT.

Date Chapt Title     Reading
09/01 Tue
09/03 Thu
01 Introduction to Graphics pdf-2 pdf-6 (Not covered)
09/03 Thu
09/08 Tue
02 OpenGL pdf-2 pdf-6 Sects 18.1-2
09/10 Thu
09/15 Tue
09/17 Thu
03 Geometry in Computer Graphics pdf-2 pdf-6 Chapt 2
09/22 Tue
09/24 Thu
09/29 Tue
04 3D Viewing pdf-2 pdf-6 Chapt 7
10/01 Thu
10/06 Tue
05 Illumination and Shading pdf-2 pdf-6 Chapt 10
10/08 Thu
10/15 Thu
10/20 Tue
06 Texturing and Surface Detail pdf-2 pdf-6 Chapt 11
10/13 Tue 07 3D Rotation, Quaternions, and Physics pdf-2 pdf-6 (Not covered)
10/22 Thu 08 Real-Time Shadows and Reflection pdf-2 pdf-6 (Not covered)
10/27 Tue
10/29 Thu
09 Depth Cues and Hidden Surface Removal pdf-2 pdf-6 Chapt 8
11/03 Tue   Review for Midterm (No slides)      
11/10 Tue
11/12 Thu
10 Rasterization and Filling pdf-2 pdf-6 Sect 8.1
11/17 Tue
11/24 Tue
11 Sampling and Aliasing pdf-2 pdf-6 Chapt 9
11/19 Tue 12 Physically-Based Modeling pdf-2 pdf-6 (Not covered)
12/01 Tue
12/03 Thu
13 Ray Tracing pdf-2 pdf-6 Chapt 4
12/08 Tue 14 Animation pdf-2 pdf-6 Chapt 17
12/10 Thu   Final Review (No slides)      
Supplemental 15 Modeling pdf-2 pdf-6 Chapt 15 and 16
Supplemental 16 Global Illumination pdf-2 pdf-6 Chapt 24

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