Course Schedule

This schedule is tentative and subject to change. Keep in mind that the slides may not include all the material discussed in lecture. You are responsible for any material we present in lecture, even if it does not appear in the posted slides.

   Week    Topics Slides/Code   Work   Textbook (Carrano/Henry)
CMSC132 Schedule
Week #1
(Aug 28)
Course Intro, Abstraction/Encapsulation, Enumerated Types, Comparable, Debugger CourseIntro.pdf
Eclipse installation
P1 Out (Thu)
Appendix A, B, C
Week #2
(Sep 4)
Inheritance InheritanceOne.pdf
Quiz (Wed)
P1 Due (Thu)
Appendix D, Java Interlude 7
Week #3
(Sep 11)
Inheritance, Abstract Classes, Testing, Correctness, Exceptions InheritanceThree.pdf
P2 Out (Mon)
Quiz (Wed)
Java Interlude 2, 5
Week #4
(Sep 18)
Comparator Interface (Lab), Inner Classes, OO Design Intro Levels of Copying, Cloning, Constructor/Destructor, Initialization Blocks InnerClasses.pdf
P2 Due (Tue)
P3 Out (Tue) Quiz (Debugging) (Wed)
Prelude, Java Interlude 6, 9
Week #5
(Sep 25)
Event-Driven Programming, GUI, UML (Lab), JavaFX, Lambda Expressions, Algorithmic Complexity GUI.pdf
P3 Due (Thu)
P4 Out (Thu)
Week #6
(Oct 2)
Dynamic System/State Design Pattern (Lab), Iterator/Marker/Observer Design Patterns (Lab), Generic Programming, Collections, Linear Data Structures Generics.pdf
Midterm #1 (Wed)
Chapter 4, Java Interlude 1, 3, 8
Week #7
(Oct 9)
Linear Data Structures, Recursive Algorithms, Memory Maps RecursiveAlgorithms.pdf
P4 Due (Mon)
P5 Out (Wed)
Mid-Term Grades (Thu, Oct 12)
Chapters 3, 6, 7, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17
Week #8
(Oct 16)
Hashing, Sets/Maps, Simplified List Implementation, File I/O Hashing.pdf
P5 Due (Fri)
P6 Out (Fri)
Chapters 21, 22, Appendix E
Week #9
(Oct 23)
Trees, Algorithmic Complexity II, Heaps/Priority Queues Network Basics (Lab) Quiz (Wed)
Chapters 23, 24, 25, 26
Week #10
(Oct 30)
Polymorphic Lists/Trees P6 Due (Wed)
Week #11
(Nov 6)
Trees, Threads P7 Out (Mon)
Midterm #2 (Wed)
Week #12
(Nov 13)
Synchronization I/II, Graphs Intro/Graph Traversals P7 Due (Wed)
P8 Out (Wed)
Chapters 28, 29
Week #13
(Nov 20)
Dijkstras, Thanksgiving (no class Wed, Fri) Thanksgiving
Week #14
(Nov 27)
Graph Implementation (Lab), Effective Java (Lab), Sorting P8 Due (Tue)
P9 Out (Wed)
Chapters 8, 9
Week #15
(Dec 4)
Algorithm Strategies, Advanced Tree Structures (Lab), Software Life Cycle, Software Process Models, Problem Specification & Design, Testing P9 Due (Fri)
Course Evaluations

Chapter 27
Week #16
(Dec 11)
Final Exam Review Last Day of Classes (Mon Dec 11)
Final Exam
(Thu Dec 14, 4pm - 6pm)